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Immigration to America During the Industrial Revolution

A paper about the effects of the American industrial revolution.

During the Industrial Revolution, the streets were filled with homeless and mobsters which made the US have a bad reputation.  In this time immigration was the worst possible that the US could have gone through.  Immigration was dysfunctional for the US because of overpopulation in the streets of the cities, immigrants brought there problems to the United States, and rebellion on the government.

During the Industrial Revolution, 1890’s-1920, the US had a lot of power and everyone from others countries were wanted to come to America, and so they did.  In Ireland by itself brought over a quarter of its population, 2 million people.  With this type of mass rush toward the US there bound to be problems such as overpopulation in the major cities such as New York, New Jersey, Chicago, San Francisco, and Philadelphia because that’s were the jobs were.  Not everyone could find a place to stay; so many families had to live on the streets which created diseases and frost on the limbs.  This made the US have a bad reputation due to the mass of people living on the streets.

Also, in this time period, many of the immigrants dislike other foreigners.  An example of this is “Japanese hated Chinese, Chinese hated Vietnams, Greeks hated the Turks, Turks hated Americans, Germans hated the French, and the French seemed to think that they were superior to everyone.”(Hakin 84).  This dilemma caused the streets to be filled with violent gang activity.  This was not only a situation for the immigrants in the gang wars but American bystanders had their casualties too.  Such as the Saint Valentines Massacre, this was a shoot out between Al Capone’s men and the North Side Irish/German gang.  Five of Capone’s men, two of them in police outfits, lined seven members of the North Side gang on a wall and then shot them in the back of the head.  This caused some of the loyal America families to move away from this and more thugs were made members in populated cities.

After the immigrants got settled in they had to find a job, in a factory most likely.  As it turns out, the immigrants could not handle the pressure that they were in to perform their job and had to come up with ways to slow our capitalist government down.  They did this by joining a association called the Labor Unions.  Some of the members from the Union went on strike and protested angrily at our fine working government.  This led to factories shutting down and more police attention when the unions went on violent protests.  Now instead of having more police watching the city, they were protecting the stores and factories from not being hazed.

In conclusion, the early 1900’s were a dreadful time in America because of the filthy, stealing immigrants that came over held America back.  This was due to overpopulation, foreigners would bring their culture problems in to the US, and rebellion of the Labor Unions on our government.  All of this made held America back in ways and without it; our nation would be much stronger today.    

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