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Imperialism in India

An evaluation of Imperialism in India.

I believe that the effects of imperialism on India were more positive than negative. If you were to really weight each side, I believe that the positive side is greater than that of the negative, beacuse more good was done in measurable ways than harm was. The European colonizers helped to bring India out of the dark ages and into the modern world, which is a greater gift than any Indian could have hoped to receive.

Quoting O.P. Austin in his “Does Colonization Pay?” article, the European colonizers; “…built roads, canals, railways, and telegraphs.” They also; “…established schools and newspapers for the people of the colonies.” These methods of transportation, communication, and education are all reasons that imperialism in India was a change for the better, because it enriched the lives of all colonists.

Just think, if any changes were to negatively effect the colony, why would the Europeans enforce them? They are living there too, after all.

Dadabhai Noaroji, an Indian who lived in imperialist India said; “The British rule has been- morally, a great blessing; political peace and order…” This proves that even the Indians, who were said to have been oppressed by this form of government, liked this system better than their previous form of government. They enjoyed the comfort of having a stable ruler and a set of laws, not to mention the previously mentioned improvements.

Another Indian, Romesh Dutt said, “Englishmen have given the people of India the greatest human blessing- peace. They have introduced Western education… brought an ancient and civilized nation in touch with modern thought, modern sciences, and modern life. They have built an administration that is strong and efficient. They have framed wise laws and established courts of justice.” Indians like these had their eyes fixated on the positive aspects of their new lives, and were the optimists that made imperialism work.

In conclusion, India was positively influenced by the English Imperialist System, rather than the popular belief that they were persecuted by it. The English had installed various forms of communication, transportation, and education, the likes of which India had never seen before. A closing quote from the book ‘India: A Restatement’ by Sir Reginald Coupland, “Bristish rule brought with it from the west certain standards of humanity that Indian society had not yet reached.”

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