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Inca and Aztecs

Comparating the Inca and Aztec empires.

Both the Inca’s and the Aztec’s had similarities linking to their military and religion, and differences concerning their religion again, and their political structure.

The Inca and Aztec people had similarities between them with their military tactics and land expansions, and their religion. For example, the sun was a very important part of both of their religions. For the Inca, the sun was their most important god in their religion. For the Aztecs, the sun was one of two of their most important gods. The sun was very important in both empires, was because the sun is related to many things in nature. The sun is needed for agriculture because it makes plants grow, which in turn lets animals live by feeding off of plants, and the humans live by using the plants for medicine, and other things. Another example of how the two empires were similar is their military tactics and expansions.

Both empires’ rulers, when selected to rule, had a major job to do as soon as they stepped into power. The rulers had to take over new territory and maintain it when they became a ruler. The Aztecs, when their ruler was selected, forced him to take control of the military and lead many military conquests to control new lands, and the new ruler demonstrated his power by how much land was overtaken. The Inca rulers, when selected also had to take over new lands to expand the empire, and to do so they captured the lands’ ruler and forced their heir to live in the royal palace in Cuzco, and then they took over the rest of the land. Both empires needed to expand their empires, and did so by taking over new land when new rulers stepped in. Once their ruler hasn’t conquered any new land recently, both empires selected new rulers to expand their empire. Hence, both the Incas, and the Aztecs were similar in ways relating to their military tactics, and their religions.

In contrast with the similarities between the Inca and Aztec empires, there were differences between them as well involving their religions once again, and their political structure. For instance, even though both empires used sacrifice of people they conquered, the Aztecs used sacrifice on a much larger scale than the Incas. The Aztecs did not only sacrifice people when they conquered them, but they sacrificed people everyday, for religious purposes. They worshiped Huitzilopochtli (hummingbird god) and they made sacrifices everyday to him/her. The Incas on the other hand although they used sacrifice humans, animals, textiles, and other goods used it on a much lesser note, only primarily by the ruler, and it was to show the people that the ruler was a descendant of the sun god.

The sacrifices of textiles, animals and other goods could show the wealth of the ruler, as well as what possibly the god may bring to its people one day. Another difference between both empires was their political structure. Although both empires started out using a clan-based system of government, the Aztecs slowly faded away from using that. After some Spanish wars with the Aztecs, they decided to start using the authority of a ruler and aristocracy, and they had less authority from kinship clans. The Inca had multiple hereditary chiefs to control their empire, and they elected these chiefs by the voting of the ayllus. The Aztecs might have started using a ruler and aristocracy because the wars with the Spanish were too much to handle for the kinship clans, and the Inca seemed to have a great empire with their multiple hereditary rulers. Hence, both the Inca and the Aztec empires were different in ways connecting to their religion, and their political structure.

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