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Inca Maya Aztec

These three civilizations were known as the greatest and most advanced tribes in the world.

The Incas, Aztecs, and Mayans were the one of the first people to start a civilization on America. These tribes started a great civilization in Central, and South America. Mayan the Aztec, Inca, and Mayan civilization had characteristics that were similar and different to each other. These empires controlled the valleys of America for hundreds of years.

The Mayan civilization began in 2300B.C. The Mayan civilization was located in the lower part of Central America. The area where the Mayan civilization was located was filled with highlands, volcanic mountains, and lowlands that contained rain forests. Unlike many other civilizations, the Mayan civilization was not a unified empire, similar to the Greeks. They were not a unified empire but all of the Mayan cities had similar backgrounds. The Mayans had many disputes with the Olmec Empire and the Aztec Empire. The Mayan Empire is known to be a civilization that used writing systems, mathematics, astronomy, and many different kinds of art. The Mayan civilization used hieroglyphics for a writing system. Hieroglyphics were a combination of different signs that represented a word or a single syllable. Like many early civilizations art was a common activity or job. The Mayans would pain, carve wood or stones, use clay to create figures of people or other things. They would also create art that would memorize the king. He mathematics was different from the modern mathematics people use to today. Instead of using the number ten as the base number people use today, the Mayans used the number twenty as their base number. The Mayans used lines and dots to represent their numbers. With these hieroglyphics the Mayans were able to create an accurate calendar. The Mayan civilization ended due to the combination of problems that had occurred. Scientist are not sure how or what the main problem really was.

The Aztecs was another civilization located in Central America. The Aztecs were a unified empire located above the Mayan Empire. Their Empire covered almost all of Mexico. The Capital of the Aztec Empire is Tenochtitlan, which is located in current Mexico City. The Aztec had created a hierarchy similar with the Mayan. The hierarchy was created with the ruler, nobles, and the commoners. The Aztec had invented useful things such as the calendar, and medicine. In the Aztec Empire, they were very concerned with diseases and their cures. Aztec doctors used many herbs and many other natural resources to prevent and cure diseases. The Aztec knew how to cure, broken bones, fevers, colds, and they knew how to deliver infants. The Aztec doctors studied the human body and were able to examine many of them, due to the deaths of many from battles with the Mayans. When Cortez entered Mexico, the Aztecs greeted the Spaniards with gold, women, and food. The Aztec and Spaniards were first allies but as time went by Cortez attacked the Aztecs and began to fight them. In 1521, 3years after Cortez landed on Mexico the Spaniards conquered the Aztecs and the Aztec Empire ended.

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