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Issues Faced by The Republic Act 1425 or Rizal Law

The Rizal Law made studying the life and works of Dr. Jose Rizal mandatory in both private and public schools, universities and colleges in the Philippines. The implementation of this law has controversies in the Philippines.

There are already minor violations of RA 1425. Some opt to use English as the medium of teaching the Life of Rizal. This stirred criticisms on the patriotism of Filipinos

Because of the greed of corrupt public officials, copies of Rizal’s works are not available in public schools. Sadly, some college students aren’t seeing the essence of studying Rizal’s works though they have books.

 According to Ambeth Ocampo(2008,) the youth of today are different from the youth during the time of Rizal.Based on Luis Teodoro’s Sins of the Padres article in 2010, uncensored versions of Noli and El Filibusterismo were  required to be read in colleges and universities in the. Due to this, the Catholic Church opposed RA 1425 to protect the faithful from the facts.

According to Ambeth Ocampo(2007), the Catholic Church would not accept Rizal’s novels because they are anti-Catholic. The Church could not accept the novels as sources of patriotism.It was written in RA 1425 that students can apply for exemption in studying Rizal because of religious reasons. However, nobody has ever asked for this exemption.

Based on the Blogwatch’s Article, Advocates see  Rizal as symbol of reproductive health Rights, there is a parallelism between the RH Bill and the Rizal Law. According to Akbayan representative Ag-biao , history repeats itself because the Church and the State are arguing again. The Church considers both the RH Bill and The Rizal Law were retaliated by the Church, even demanding the closure of schools who teach about Rizal’s works like Noli and El Filibusterismo.

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