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January Trivia You Might Not Know

Interesting article about obscure facts and trivia about the month of January.


This article is about January Trivia and all you really didn’t know about the month of January.  You just thought it was a cold month, full of weather twists and turns…right?  Wrong! Many interesting events and facts are entwined with the month of January.

The following trivia facts will give you something to talk about at the office, instead of what you got for Christmas this year or what you didn’t get for Christmas, as the show fits. Start up intelligent and unusual conversations about weird trivia about the blustery winter month known as January!

1.       January is known as National Soup month in America.

2.       The 1st Football Super Bowl Game was held at the LA Coliseum in January.

3.       Most people know the month of January was named after the Roman God Janus.

4.       Janus (Ianuarius) was the Roman God “of the doorway” or gatekeeper, many times represented as a 2 faced mask signifying beginnings and endings.

5.       Originally the Georgian Calendar had 10 months, but was expanded to include January and February sometime around 700BC by the Roman ruler Pompilius, who gave it 30 days. It is said Julius Caesar gave it 31 days.

6.       The Saxons called it “Wolfmonth” or “wolf-monath”, because in the cold deep snow nights during the month wolves would come out of the forests and into villages hunting for food.

7.       The garnet is the official birth gemstone of the month.

8.       The Latin root word that January comes from is ‘ianua’ – which means door.

9.       It is legend that Charlemagne called the month “Wintarmanuth”.

10.   The Czech’s call the month ‘leden’, which means ice month.

11.   The Coptic branch of the Christian Church celebrates Christmas on January 7th.  

12.   Australia celebrates – Australia day on January 26th.

13.   On January 7th, 1999, President Bill Clinton’s impeachment began.

14.   January 4th is designated as National Short People Day and National Spaghetti  Day, in America.

15.   Did you know on January 4th, 1965—CBS bought the Fender Guitar Company?

16.   In Minnesota on January 4th, 1999, former Professional Wrestler Jesse Ventura became Governor.

17.   January 8th is National Bubble Bath Day.

18.   In 1935 on January 8th Elvis Presley (“THE KING of ROCK N ROLL”) was born in Tupelo, Mississippi.





Image by Menage a Moi via Flickr


19.   President Johns declared “The War on Poverty” on January 8th, 1964.  ( I guess we didn’t win that war either)

20.   In January of 1964, the 1st Country Music Album became #1 on the Billboard Pop Music Chart: the Johnny Cash record ‘Ring of Fire’.

21.   Did you know that President Lincoln issued the EMANCIPATION PROCLAIMATION on New Years Day in 1863, ending slavery in America?

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