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Mayan Numerals

The Ancient Mayan number system was unique, intelligent, and far ahead of its time.

Map of the area were the Mayan Numerals were used (this is a modern map with ancient city’s on it).

The Mayan Numerals were used around the fourth century AD around the same time that China invented the stirrup.

The Mayan numerals were easy to use. They were different from the system we use now because the Mayan numerals went in 20’s which is different from our system in which go’s in 10’s. Here is chart of the numbers from 1-19.

The numbers are simple. There is a dot which is equal to one and a horizontal line which equals five. So for 13 you would have three dots above two horizontal lines.

Did you know that the numbers change when used in the Mayan Calendar?

Here is why:

Instead of the numbers going up in twenty like the rest of the numeral system it goes up in 18’s for the reason that 18 x 20 = 360 which is 5 days of the real year!

But things start to get a bit more complicated as soon as you use numbers from 20 onwards. Numbers add more dots on top for example I am going to use the numbers 29, 100 and 472.

In case you did not understand that chart, where it says 20’s for example every dot on that line would be worth twenty.

Have a guess what number this would be. The answer on the next page.

The answer of the question on the previous page is 14, 49.

The ancient Mayans were astronomers and they used this ancient number systems to calculate the solar calendar which is one day off every four years! Historians believe that they had one of the very first solar calendars. They carved these solar calendars in stone like this picture.

The Mayans did use their number system for trade because it was easy to use when selling a big amount of product. The Mayans grew their own food and made their own equipment. The system was also used to buy and sell goods locally.

The Mayan number system spread fast through trade. Traders took it everywhere even to Aztec cities. Almost everyone knew the system and it was one of the few things all kids learnt. Writing and reading was only learnt by more upper class people. The number system was used around the area which is displayed on the first page.

I chose to compare the Mayan numeral system to the Ancient Egyptian numeral system because I would like to see how two different systems could be the same.

Here are the advantages of the Mayan system:

  1. The Mayan system has just dots and lines so they are easy to remember.
  2. It is easy to learn.

Here are the disadvantages of the Mayan numeral system.

  1. It is extremely hard to do sums both addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
  2. It is hard when you see the number to convert into modern day numerals.
  3. When you write the numbers they take up a lot of space.
  4. The numerals have to be in an order.

Here are the advantages of the Egyptian system

  1. They are small and easy to write.
  2. The order of the numerals doesn’t matter.
  3. Adding and subtracting are faster that the Mayan.

Here are the disadvantages of the Mayan numeral system.

  1. With long numbers it uses a lot of room horizontally.
  2. It is not that easy to learn.
  3. Some of the symbols take a while to write.
  4. It is hard to convert the ancient Egyptian numerals into modern numerals.

Although the Egyptian numeral system lasted longer than the Mayan numeral system, That is only because the Mayans were conquered by the Spanish if it was not for that who knows what might of happened.


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