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“Michael Jackson Could Not Afford to Disappoint Their Fans Again ‘

Madrid has presented in his book "The King of Style: Dressing Michael Jackson.

Bush (left), helping to Michael Jackson to dress in a performance

For a costume designer, working for the most gigantic superstar pop history for twenty five years has to be more. That is the fate that he lived to Michael Bush, responsible for the look of a character idolized, controversial, with many shades that came to the skin, but will remain in the collective memory as the great artist he was.

“None have been or will be so great. Neither Madonna , or Justin Bieber, and Lady Gaga , “proclaimed Bush during his visit to the Hard Rock Cafe in Madrid, where he presented his book” The King of Style: Dressing Michael Jackson “, in which detailed anecdotes, and endless creative methods Images with the most legendary costumes of Jackson’s career.

“He was always involved one hundred percent and he was very interested in every detail,” explains the designer, dressed in jeans and a bright jacket bizarre Jacko’s face stamped. “When I was working in the study was completely inaccessible, it was like,” Leave me alone, I’m recording “but when preparing a tour could spend hours talking about what was best for each concert.

Sometimes I traveled to the cities in which he would act, took pictures of people on the street, and then got high on a wall to see them together and design something specific to that performance. For example, if he was coming to Spain thinking about your personality passionate and looking bright and strong colors. Wanted to be the leader in terms of pop setting trends, to anticipate the other, to lead the evolution of the pop aesthetic to the next level. What we had prepared for his performances in London was amazing. “

Bush became a great friend of the singer says his experience with it “can be summed up in twenty-five years of laughter, did not stop laughing. It was a blessing to know, taught me to love life, like millions of people, so we are all Michael Jackson know it or not. He understood that we are all unique, each person has something special, and acted accordingly. No doubt, gave much more than he received. “
A tragedy that still fishtailing

His death still tails off for the civil trial in which his mother and his children claim a whopping 40,000 million to AEG Live, the promoter of the titanic series of 50 concerts (with a grueling test cycle, in which half the the tragedy) I would give in the British capital, and hired the doctor who injected the lethal dose of anesthetic. Bush flatly refuses to make any statement on the matter, and only says that “he was fully fit to face the 50 performance’s.

But as a member of the inner circle of the star and knowledgeable about their concerns, pointing a detail that may give clues about the reasons for these pharmacological obsessions to keep up, drew perhaps the tragedy: “Michael was extremely sensitive and shy, but felt that God had put on this planet to entertain people, and that task was sacred to him. He could not allow himself to never disappoint his fans. It had to be the best. “

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