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More Warrior Women

Here’s another piece about warrior women.

Queen Nzinga Mbande Ngola

This ruthless African warrior lived from 1582 to 1663. She fought Portuguese slavers whose trade threatened to destroy her people, the Matamba of Ndongo. She first negotiated a treaty with the Portuguese, but later she formed an alliance with the Dutch and repudiated the agreement.

When the Portuguese defeated her in battle, she retreated to the rain forest and fought a guerrilla war for eighteen years. Famed her her brutality, she reputedly promoted infanticide among her female warriors so they were not burdened by domestic concerns.

Into the nineteenth century, European observers recorded accounts of such all-women African armies, which were said to fight better than men.

Lakshmi Bai

She lived from 1835 to 1858. When British colonizers attempted to annex her kingdom after the death of her husband, the Rhani queen of Jhansi took up her sword. She raised an army of fourteen thousand to fight in the Sepoy mutiny, donned a uniform herself and rode into battle alongside her soldiers. Her fiercely pitched fighting won her a grisly reputation.

Before a British hussar killed her in hand-to-hand combat, she helped the city of Gwalior. The British considered her “the most dangerous of rebel leaders.”

Augusta Main

In 1897, Augusta Main was arrested for assault with intent to kill. Owner of a farm in Berlin, New York, she had a strict policy against allowing men on her property. If she needed labor, she simply hired “strapping young women,” as she put it. One day she assaulted a male neighbor, resulting in her brush with the law. Explaining her actions, she said she “never sees men or dogs but what I aches to kill them.”

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    Another great piece on warrior women.

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