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Neolithic Revolution

How the Neolithic Age came to be.

In world history there have been political, social, economic, cultural, and technological revolutions. These revolutions cause great impact for the lives of the people involved. Revolution is change. In the Neolithic revolution there were many causes and features that led to start of civilizations.

One of the main causes of the Neolithic revolution included how people started to control their food supply by planting their own food and farming. Women in that time period were the first to start planting. People started to domesticate the animals they hunted. They would use animals to help with their work at farming. One example of this is how they used oxen to plow the land. This planting and domesticating of animals led to people staying in permanent settlements and ending their nomadic ways from the Paleolithic Age.

Now that humans started to end their nomadic ways they started farming and gaining a surplus of food. The more food you have means the more mouths you can feed. The population of human beings increased rapidly. There then started to define the gender roles. Men would farm, make tools, and tend the crops. Women would help harvest, make clothing, gather food and herbs, and prepare food for their families. Now that the population increased and people started to find productive things to do, villages started to appear more frequently.

With all these small term effects they add up to form long term effects. All the farming, planting of seeds, harvesting, and domesticating of animals is in the category   of agriculture. Agriculture allowed villages to grow and need government to keep them contained and controlled. People now had more free time to do what they wanted. They had free time because they do not need to spend their every waking minute finding food like in the nomadic days, they had surplus. During their free time they spend time doing things that include arts and creativity or. This builds their skill in the things besides agriculture, so now they can have skills that lead to job specialization. Some people start making art such as pottery and dolls. These people can have a job specialization in pottery making or tool making. The surplus of food allows people to trade the extra food they grow. After all of these advancements there are still many more advancements such as cities that start near river valleys. River valleys supply people with fertile soil for them to farm. The cities that form along the river valleys make civilizations that define the Neolithic Age.

As you can see the causes and features in the Neolithic revolution led to the starting of great civilizations. It is amazing how without the Neolithic people for all of their discoveries we would not be as advanced like we are now.

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