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New Species of Fish, Fish Obama

TENNESSEE, – The new species are usually named after their uniqueness, the name of the inventor or the location of its discovery.

However, the new fish species found in the United States named differently. The new species of fish is “respectable”, named after Barack Obama.

Details, the name of the new species is Etheostoma obama. This fish is endemic and Buffalo Duck River in Tennessee. Based on the taxonomy, fish fall into the category of fish Darter (arrows), groups of fish were able to accelerate faster in the water.

“We chose President Obama for his leadership in the field of the environment, particularly on energy and environmental protection, and he was one of the first president to use the conservation and protection of the environment as a global vision,” Layman said as quoted by Scientific American, Friday (11/30/2012).

Steve Layman of Geosyntec Consultants in Kennesaw, Georgia and Rick Mayden of Saint Louis University in Missouri found this species after species of fish Etheostoma stigmaeum analyzes, which turned out to be complex and species could be divided into 9 species.

E. Obama also called Darter colors for a beautiful appearance. This fish is dominated by a bright orange and blue spots. Males can be sized fish while females memilberukuran 4.8 cm 4.3 cm.

In addition to fish obama, researchers also found four other fish species named after the president and vice president of the United States. Etheostoma species is gore (from the name of Al Gore), Etheostoma jimmycarter (from the name of Jimmy Carter), Etheostoma teddyroosevelt (from the name of Theodore Rosevelt) and Etheostoma clinton (from the name of Bill Clinton).

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