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Nicknames of Every Decade of The 19th Century

Here is a list of nicknames for every decade of the 19th century (for the 20th century you can click on the link below).

For the nicknames of the 20th century click here


1890s;The Mauve Decade

Known as the mauve Decade because of the aniline dye that allowed the widespread use of that colour in fashion.

1880s; The Gilded Age

Referring to the process of gilding an object with a layer of gold and is meant to be a play of words on “The Golden Age.” Technically the Gilded Age is between 1874 to 1907 but for the sake of this article/list I will apply this to this decade.

1870s; Reconstruction Era

Again, technically The Reconstruction Era is between 1863 to 1877. You have to remember that in the 19th century they didn’t really nicknamed decades as much as we do today, so it’s very hard to pin point an era to a decade.

1860s; Bike Boom Decade

There might be other decades that had the Bike Boom, but in the 1860s it would be the first major one.

1850s; Poke Bonnet Decade

OK, I pretty much just made this one up, Nicknames for decades are pretty much non existent in the early 19th century, but I’ll keep trying to find one, but this one, I just can’t find anything.

1840s; Transcendentalism Era

Technically…yes again, technically, the Transcendentalism Era is considered both the 1830s and the 1840s. You might be able to trade the 1840s with 1830s. This nickname is used very loosely.

1830s; Romantic Era

Don’t judge me! This is hard, I know that the Romantic Era is technically just around the early 19th century, not a particular decade, but I can’t find anything better.

1820s; The Era of Good Feelings

Now I feel a bit better about this one, yet again technically the Era of Good Feelings is in between 1816 to 1824, considering how hard it was to find a nickname, I don’t feel bad about this one.

1810s; The Decade of Steamboats

This one I just made it up.

1800s; Napoleonic Era

Napoleon Bonaparte has completely reign this decade. I tried not putting any names based on one person, but Napoleon is so famous that an exception can be made.

and so this is my list of the nicknames of every decade of the 19th century, it’s far from perfect but if you have any ideals, or you know a better nickname for a particular decade leave a comment.

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