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No Struggle and No Gain

Don’t blame the strikers, but blame those who want to slash jobs. These strikers are just defending their livelihood. will people accept that a strike to defend jobs is a very serious issue to be defended?

Spanish airliner Iberia is passing a tough time. the management want to sell it to British Airways and their employees are struggling against in defence of their jobs.

On their second day of their strike, there have been many cancellations or delays as it couldn’t be otherwise. It always happens when there is a trike, does it? However, the most serious issues have been the brutal repression against pickets and assemblies inside the airport and to add salt to the injury, passengers attitude.

I know it’s annoying not being able to fly when it was planned, but what’s more important? A flight to Las Vegas or the defence of jobs? 

In my opinion, there is no comparison. No matter how annoying it might be not being able to fly on the intended day, I’d definitely support a workers strike in defence of their jobs.

I wouldn’t regard these workers on strike as being selfish, unfair to people or using travellers to achieve in their aims. They aren’t selfish or unfair. They are struggling to keep their jobs which at this time and age it’s important.

I’d advise these travellers that unless they’re travelling for a very serious issue (work or health) they should refrain to blame these employees for their canceled or delayed flights.-

What’s more important than a break in Las Vegas or wherever?

If there hadn’t been strikes and harsh struggles in the history of mankind, we’d most definitely be working 17 hours a day without any other assets such as paid holidays or paid sick live or maternity, because capitalists have never been ones to grant anything without harsh struggle and even bloodshed. 

Forget not the Italian trade unionists struggling for the eight hour day in the early 20th Century in Chicago. Forget not the women who locked themselves in the factory in New York, struggling for decent salaries, but the owner preferred to burn the factory with the women inside rather than meet their demands.

forget not the past so as not to repeat it in the present.

If was flying, I rather choose other means of transport willingly than blame at a workers strike in defence of their livelihood.

(C) Copyright, Vicky Pino. February 19th 2013.


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