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Nobility in Great Rulers of The Past

The Characteristic of Nobility in Rulers.

  Throughout all of history, only a few rulers have lived up to my standard of nobility. Nobility is being having great morals, character, and working in the best interests of others. Nobility is having the Fruits of the Spirit in the Bible.  Asoka, Cyrus the Great, King Leonidas, and Alexander the Great exemplify nobility through their action and character above all else.

    Asoka, the Indian emperor, displayed a large amount of nobility as he was ruthless, but he saw his wrong ways and completely changed. After the Kalinga War, Asoka saw all the bloodshed, becamed sickened by the death and converted to Buddhism. He changed laws to nonviolence and spread Buddhism. After his death Buddhism spread. Asoka was noble for the way he changed his character after seeing himeself do wrong. Asoka can be related to King David who sinned and changed for God. Asoka had the kindness and peace Fruit of the Spirit. Asoka is nobel for trying to stop war and bloodshed. It is a moral that everyone needs and Asoka showed.     Cyrus the Great, ruler of Persia, created a vast empire and ruled with kindness. He showed many nobel qualities including paying to have the Temple rebuilt. Cyrus also ruled with religious tolerence being very respectful of his conquered subject’s beliefs. Cyrus had a cupbearer, Ezra, was a follower of Christ. Cyrus listened to Ezra and was sucessful in his ways. Cyrus had the kindness and goodness Fruit of the Spirit. His respectful and generous charater allowed him to be a noble king.    King Leonidas of Sparta showed nobility in the Battle of Thermopylae. The battle is where the Spartans fought off the Persians even when outnumbered, to hold them off as long as possible. Leonidas fought to protect his country even when it meant to the death. Alcibiades, on the other hand, is the complete opposite of Leonidas. He instead turned on his own country and leads Sparta victory. Leonidas’s actions gave him the title as a Hero and made him a noble ruler.     Alexander the Great showed his noblility through his enormous empire. He not only uses military strength but also wits to become powerful. Alexander is nobel for protecting his nation from revolts and the Persian Empire. He displayed the Fruit of the Spirit of self-control when his men are to afraid to cross the Hydapses River to fight the Indian army, but he wanted to. After some decision, Alexander returned home to his palace. Alexander can be known for his excessive conquests, but he shows nobility in his ruling.    ” The function of social science is to teach us how to fulfill the second commandment” (Richard Ely). Each rule using different methods, but with it they exemplefied moral exellence to their people through their reign. Though they did not believe in God, the Fruits of the Spirit are evident in all four rulers. Asoka, Cyrus, Leonidas, and Alexander showed the world their love for their neighbors, whether through their country, religion, or character.                     

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