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Obama and Bush Go Fishing…(a Little Humor)

A little humor to deflect from all of the drama…This is one of four that I wrote with adventures with Obama and Bush.

“Obama And Bush Go Fishing”


Setting:   Obama and Bush are at Toledo Bend, and the boat has just stopped in Bush’s favorite area to fish.


Bush:     “Ok, Obama.  We are here.  If you don’t catch a bass here, you just can’t fish.” 


Obama:      “Don’t worry about me, George.  I can hold my own when it comes to fishing.”


Bush is the first to pull in a fish, a nice bass weighing about 2 ½ pounds.


Obama:     “Nice catch, George.  Well, you got the first one, so I guess it is my turn.” 


Bush:     “I tried to get a teleprompter mounted on the front of the boat to make you feel more comfortable.”


Obama:     Don’t start with me, George.  Don’t forget.   You told Laura you were going to Washington for a couple of days.  I don’t have a problem telling her the truth.”


Bush:     “Hey, Obama.  Look at this fish.  It is a Democrat.  Its mouth is wide open, but it is not saying anything.”


Obama:     “Look George, I told you we are not going to have one of those days where you just crack jokes at my expense.”


Bush:     “Lighten up, Barakova.  The fish cannot vote.”


Obama:     “I got one.  Get the net, George.”


Bush:     “Stop calling me George.  Just pull the fish in.”


Obama:     “Man, this one is bigger than yours.”


Bush:     “Are we talking about your fish or your federal budget?”


Obama:     “I am not going to talk politics today, Bush.  Stop trying to instigate.”


Bush:     “Instigate?  Is that anything like Watergate?


Obama:   Fish, George.  I am going to kick your butt at fishing.”

Bush:     “Yea, whatever.   I caught a fish here last year that was huge.   I didn’t get a chance to weigh it, but I took a picture of it and the picture weighed 4 ½ pounds.”  (smirky grin)


Obama:     “Sounds like a true fish story to me, George.”


Bush:     “Next time you call me George, your butt will be in the water.”


Obama:     “Do you realize the trouble you could get into by threatening the president?”


Bush:     “I was president, too.  Who would believe either of us?


Obama:     “Got another one, Geo…. Um, I mean Mr. President.”


Bush:     “Me too, Obamus.   I bet you $1000 my fish is bigger than yours.”


Obama:     “Can’t you just fish and stop all of the talking, George?”




Liked it
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