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Obama and Bush in a Walmart (A Little Humor)

More Humor With Obama And Bush…Sometimes, you just have to laugh…

Obama And Bush In A Walmart  (A Little Humor)

…Setting…   President Obama and former President Bush walking through a Walmart.


Bush:     “You know Obama, I shop here quite often.  They seem to have everything.”


Obama:     “Yes, it is quite a selection, but I just hate to see so few products that are actually produced in this country.”


Bush:    “I have said it before.   I believe too many of our imports are coming from overseas.”


Obama:  “Huh?  It is ridiculous that most of these products on these shelves were put together by the hands of the Chinese.”


Bush:  “Not only that, Barakona, but most of them come from China.”


Obama:     “Look, George.  My name is Obama.  Would you please try to remember that?”


Bush:    “Yea, whatever.  Where are you from?  Let’s go look at the guns.”


Obama:     “I am originally from Hawaii.”


Bush:     “So you had to come to this country on a boat.  Are you legal?”


Obama:    “What?”


Bush:   “Look at all of those guns.  Let’s get one.  I’ll buy.”


Obama:     “I don’t need a gun, George.  And neither do you.”


Bush:     “Don’t call me George.  And don’t tell me that I don’t need a gun.  The 17th amendment says differently.”

Obama:      “Huh?  Well at least some of these are made in America.  Are you really going to buy a gun?”


Bush:  (speaking to man behind the gun counter)  Ok, I have two questions for you?  Do you have any AK-47s and did you vote for this guy?”


Obama:     “George, please!”


Bush:     “Lighten up, Baranova.  Let’s go to the clothing department.  I need some underwear.  Come on, I’ll buy you some Chinese underwear.”


Obama:     “George, lets go.  I have things to do.”


Bush:     “Oh, yeah.  I forgot.   You’re the president.  Let’s go to Hooters for lunch.  I’ll buy.”


Vic Damico

Liked it
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