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Obama and Bush in The Oval Office (A Little Humor)

More humor with Obama and Bush…

Obama and Bush In The Oval Office


Bush:     “Mr. President, I am really concerned about your new budget, proposal. Although I am not sure what is in it, I feel you are not making enough cuts.”


Obama:     “Why are you concerned if you do not know what is in the budget?”


Bush:     “Just answer my question!”


Obama:     “You did not ask a question.”


Bush:     “Oh, yeah.  Do you honestly believe you are making enough cuts in the budget to really make a difference, or are you just really just a mullet head?”


Obama:     “Um, I don’t really appreciate the name calling, George, but I will answer your question.  These cuts I am making in the budget are difficult and I have to be concerned of the consequences that may be related to those cuts.”


Bush:     “You think that is name calling?  I have been called everything in the book.   Stop whining.  Yeah, I get it.  Being president is hard isn’t it?  You just have to say what is on your mind.  I always did.”


Obama:     “Yea, I remember that about you.  You were quite a treasure for the media.  They never knew what you would say next.”


Bush:     “Look Oblabama or whatever your name is.  At least if someone asked me what time it was, I looked at my watch instead of a teleprompter.  Sometimes, I crack myself up.”  (smirky grin)


Obama:     “Yea, I use a teleprompter.  You did as well.  It allows my words to be accurate and to say what is really on my mind.”


Bush:     “Damn!  Maybe I should have used one more often.   I would not have created so many new words.  Sometimes my vocabularism would be slightly confused.”

Liked it
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