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Obama on The Verge of Nervous Breakdown Says Uncle

President Obama’s uncle Theo is claiming that after a 2am phone call, Obama was on the verge of complete mental collapse.

Theo got the call around 2am.  He answered and to his amazement it was his nephew- the commander and chief.  Theo Obama went on to tell local news affiliates of the call, which some say, was his foolish attempt to make money off the phone call.  Local residents claiming that Theo is “Always trying to scam somebody”.  But is he scamming anyone with this recount of a late night call from his nephew?  Here was what he told Channel 8 news in Dallas.

“Barack will always be that little nervous kid trying to get all up in the cookie jar, trying to get them cookies man”  Said theo when asked about his nephews youth in hawaii.

“I hadn’t talked much to him since he got into all that Washington stuff, the boy dropped off.”

“Thats why I was like, what the hell?  Whys he calling me at this hour.”

From what Theo could recall at those early hours was a president in the throes of a full mental collapse, a crying, yammering, fool who couldn’t hold it together.

“He was yelling at me about some ponies he saw in China or some nonsense, then he started singing about Jesus, he was a mess man, that boy done lost his mind.”

Officials are looking into these claims, and one can only wonder if its true.

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