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Obama’s Gaffes Too Many. is President Obama Losing His Mind?

What is actually making U.S. President Barack Obama make these many gaffes?

Obama’s Gaffes Too Many. Is President Obama Losing His Mind?


A lot of Americans are beginning to wonder what is actually happening with their president of late.

The president’s gaffes seem to be becoming too many.

During his first state visit to the United Kingdom, Barack Obama visited Westminster Abbey and laid a wreath there at the tomb of the Unknown Warrior. Everything seemed to be going on well for Obama until it was time for him to depart Westminster Abbey and sign the distinguished visitors’ book.

Mr Obama seemed very confused at this moment. He was heard asking the Dean of Westminster what the day’s date was. Upon receiving a reply, the U.S president went ahead and dated his entry May 24, 2008, rather than 2011.

As if this embarrassment was not enough, the president went on to make a second gaffe, which was more embarrassing than the first.

During a glittering dinner for Queen Elizabeth in London, Obama, upon finishing his speech, picked up his glass and began saying “Ladies and gentlemen, please stand with me and raise your glasses as I propose a toast: To Her Majesty the Queen…..”

It was at this moment that the band began playing “God Save The Queen”. And totally confused as to what to do, Obama continued speaking over the music until the Queen gave him a look and he set down his glass. He stood motionless until the music stopped. It was at this moment that everyone gathered there picked up their glasses. A really embarrassing moment for Barack Obama indeed!

The British tabloids were quick to cast light on Obama’s gaffe and protocol breach.

A lot of people are wondering what is actually going in the President’s mind. Is it as a result of exhaustion from his overwhelming presidential schedule or is it as a result of something else?

We hope the president is not losing it.

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