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Obama’s Re-election Campaign Flush with Cash, Ready to Roll

President Obama has raised a tremendous amount of cash recently, and new field offices for his re-election bid are opening constantly.

There hasn’t been time to fix the economy, spur job growth, reduce the deficit or work on bipartisan measures effectively over the past three years, but a quick look into the ramped-up re-election bid of President Obama indicates that there certainly has been enough time to raise loads of cash. Of course, all that cash is probably going to be necessary to convince a terribly dispirited electorate that he deserves four more years in office.

The past six months have seen Obama’s campaign flourish at the state level, with “Organizing for America,” the force behind the president’s 2008 election, kept ready and waiting for the 2012 push. The president currently has campaign offices in all 50 states, with an average of three new field offices opening each week. Jeremy Bird, the Obama national field director, wrote in an e-mail to supporters last week that, “We have to ramp up our work now to create the kind of campaign we need to win in 2012.”

The way things are developing is also shedding some light on strategy. In 2008, Obama received the electoral votes from 9 states that George W. Bush won over John Kerry in 2004, those being Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Virginia, Indiana, Colorado, Iowa, New Mexico and Nevada. In 2012, Obama will seek to retain the votes from most of those states, with his advisers believing he can hold on to all of them but Indiana. Accordingly, there is a tremendous push in the other 8 states noted, with many offices being opened there.

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