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Paradise Lost

Bad News are all around us-nonstop. Every tv channel one turns to, every website we surf, we are immediately confronted by the bad news of the day. The Great Depression Part two is here, hurray!!


Bad news are all around us-nonstop. Every tv channel one turns to, every website we surf,  we are immediately confronted by the bad news of the day. The news organizations lick their lips as they ponder which batch of bad news to inflict on the public and the people, meanwhile, are silently terrorized in the process. A sad turn of events, really. Of course we the people only have ourselves to blame. The simplest thing to do is to change the channel or ,even better, turn off the tv.

I propose that things aren’t really as bad as the media would have us believe. Oh sure, there is more than enough poverty to go around, that much is indisputable. There’s plenty of hardship where people, through no fault of their own, have suffered economic difficulties. What I’m really saying, however, is that we’ve been here before. This is nothing new to a civilized  nation. It’s just a matter of deciding to buckle down and get on with life-a better day awaits around the corner. Is it really that unthinkable to live within ones’ means? Embrace a new stripped-down post-modern Reality.

The only way to maintain any kind of composure in this Great Depression version 2.0 is to develop an antidote to counteract the poisons from the news channels. I’ve revisited this Idea before, consider this a timely update, if you will. Some Ideas:  I started watching Psych  now that the new season has started. A feel-good buddy comedy is just what the doctor ordered for this dark, dreary cloud that perpetually hangs over our national consciousness. I also rediscovered the guitar and am trying my hand at singing. I only feel a little bad for my poor neighbors. One of them asked me if I was by any chance strangling any cats in my apartment. Everyone’s a comedian.


Another area that we should be focusing on during this Economic Implosion that we’re all living through is Physical Fitness. Tell me, when was the last time you really challenged yourself in a physical activity? Was it when you were reaching for the remote during The Twilight saga or was it when you were watching the Rangers versus the Cardinals? Yeah, I know it’s tough. There’s nothing easy about fitting in a strenuous activity on top of an already busy day. Who the heck wants to go kill themselves at the Gym after a full day of meetings and projects?

Personally, I don’t know how people who have kids have any free time at all because you really can’t plan anything-they’re kids, which makes them totally unpredictable. I am convinced however, that participating in some type of strenuous physical activity, even on an intermittent basis can yield important physical and psychological benefits. A good example would be to go mountain bike riding with the family-that’s a fun and semi-challenging activity. Shooting some hoops or playing scoccer would also qualify. Getting in shape doesn’t necessarily mean performing endless repetitons in a stuffy health club.

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