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Personal Belongings of George Washington, Went Under The Hammer

Some items related to President Washington, were sold at auction.

Documents wooden ruler, and even pieces of the coffin first U.S. president sold at auction in Dallas on May 21.

According to the Associated Press, the most expensive piece has a compass of George Washington. Bought it for 59.750 dollars.

These items are particularly valuable, since a long time they were kept in the family of George Washington, says The Boston Globe.

Another important lot was on the cotton gin patent document with a list of the first president.

Some of the archival documents of the family in Washington date back to 1662 year.

Before his death in 2007 Nat Washington, the senator and one of the descendants of the first president, bequeathed to sell things, which he acquired by inheritance.

Pieces of a wooden coffin, including an iron hand, went for 12,000 dollars.

In 1937, the former president’s body was placed in a marble sarcophagus.

In total, the auction items were sold to the amount of 167 000 dollars. Buyers wished to remain anonymous.

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