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Pirates of The Caribbean Seven and More

Pirates of the Caribbean may come up with their seventh series or more soon.

The fabulous movie series of the Pirates of the Caribbean have already achieved immense success. The 4th version of this film speaks tons for itself and has already added to the popularity of this movie series and now the Pirates of the Caribbean parts 5 & 6 will be shot back-to-back.  The 4th part of the Pirates series does not have William or Elizabeth. However, even without them the story managed to get a 4-star rating. Now, the 5th part of the series is on its way to the theatres shortly. Moreover, the huge success of the  Pirates of the Caribbean parts 1,2,3,4 is encouragement enough for the creator to move on to make the 5th and 6th back-to-back and we can expect the 7th or more define soon.

The popular characters Jack Sparrow along with Angelica have done a marvelous job in the Pirates of the Caribbean 4 even without William or Elizabeth, but we miss them and hope that their characters would return in upcoming parts of the series.  

As our expectation increases with every part, hopefully it will continue to be successful and present us with the ever-excellent eentertainment even with Part 7 and more!

Our best wishes to  the team of the Pirates of the Caribbean for their upcoming parts…….

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