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Puritanism in The World Today

Puritanism exists in what we do today. We relate back to Puritanism from the past in the actions we do.

Puritanism has a large influence on many things in life today even though Puritans no longer exist in the present day.  People can still relate to the same concepts and principles that Puritanism was based on, such as beliefs in loving care for others and respect for his or her religion.  Just days ago, an anonymous citizen in Port Jefferson, New York showed those same thoughts and feelings as Puritans had when he won the lottery. The lottery was worth about three million dollars, and this man gave all of the winnings to The True North Community Church of Port Jefferson. Barack Obama also seems to follow the concept of Puritanism as he gives many speeches to our country. He mentions the importance of people’s hard work and moral behavior just as the Puritans had. Our country shows our beliefs in some aspects of Puritanism in Obama’s speeches by voting for him to become a candidate and installing those ideas into the United States Government. Many other people in our world today and in the past have proven to be splendid examples of Puritanism and continue to reinforce its topics as good ideas. 

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  1. Sayvd Sol

    On December 4, 2010 at 6:26 pm

    It could just be that Puritans had good ideas about charity and decency. I don’t think that their ideas have influenced us much, since the major religions around today advocate nearly the same things. Islam, which was around before Puritanism, strongly supports charity giving, which is one of the five major tenants, or pillars. Value of hard work and moral behavior is simply because a person with such virtues is viewed as a good person. A politician always loads his speeches with positivity to appeal to the audience. While I don’t think the ideas of Puritanism made much an impact, I believe the actions and customs have. You’ve all heard that you need to “wash behind your ears”? This is because Puritans believed that the waxy build up behind the ears is a sign of the devil. Whenever someone sneezes, the common reply is “bless you.” Why? Because Puritans thought that when you sneezed, your body was trying to expel demons, so when someone sneezed, a fellow Puritan would say, “Bless you” so as to help you. I agree that Puritans absolutely have an impact on today, that most people don’t know about. But, I think that the customs have a far larger effect than the ideas, since the ideas that seem to be influencing society today also come from other religions and philosophies.

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