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Read The Story Line of Pirates of The Caribbean 5: Beyond The Seas Worldpirates of The Caribbean

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Pirates of the Caribbean 5: Beyond The Seas WorldPirates of the Caribbean: The World Beyond the Sea is a fantasy adventure film and the fifth installment in the series Pirates of the Caribbean. Plot follows the story of Captain Jack Sparrow and crew-size shift of the Black Pearl, Captain Elizabeth Swann (new Pirate Lord of the South China Sea) and the crew of the Empress, and Captain Barbossa commander of the Queen Anne’s Revenge and his crew, with Tia Dalma / Calypso ; save all of Will Turner and The Flying Dutchman with the crew, from the sea ‘permanently bound and enabled them to set foot on land again and again on earth; Will and then with the help of the Captain and crew of The Flying Dutchman, and then they all struggle to contain the pirates Aztec disguised under the leadership of their captains Ship Mystery of Death, who robbed the seas and oceans and stop all piracy and navigation, with the hope of finding the Aztec gold stolen from them by Captain Jack Sparrow and Barbossa and the crew of former Black Pearl. Curse of the Black Pearl has now become what is widely known in the world of piracy as The Curse of the Seas.


Caribbean Sea under a series of striking and rebelling robbery arranged by some Aztec pirates disguised under the leadership of their chief pirate, Mystery, the ship captain’s death. They now control all the world’s oceans and seas and executes anyone associated with piracy, and using the evil dark medallion embedded in the sea, and condemned the evil power to control and destroy all non-Aztec pirate ship at sea they were both doomed . Cursed the sea has become a “sea life” living waters offensive and attack the ship automatically non-Aztec pirate navigating on it. Aztec is after the treasure stolen from the old Aztec temples of their gods’ by pirates and they will destroy and cease all forms of piracy if they do not return the property to them. Aztec wanted to find anyone under the Aztec gold theft is property of their God and restore the property to keep their interest because of the curse of interest because it has just happened to a treasure that pious theft and recovery is long overdue. Curse of the Black Pearl long ago has now become the bane of the Sea.

When the Aztec pirate makes clear to all pirates in the world and especially to the Caribbean pirates, they demand of their property is returned in the condition to be lifted from the sea after the Witch Aztec curse, The Sorcora, used his magic to reveal to the tribe that is pirate The Caribbean sea to rob it after failing to find the pirates; Captain Jack, Barbossa and Elizabeth meet and wondering how cursed Aztec gold is not returned back to his place as decided after all the crimes have been committed to the Black Pearl and its crew in the past, and why not also going to share the gold medal father Bootstrap Bill’s parents had given him in the past to extend the curse of the former crew of the Black Pearl. They also confuse where the pirates are after so many years may want to betray them, Caribbean pirates, to the Aztecs by revealing to them that they are the original robbers of the Aztec gold, for all the pirates in the know about the treasure robbery is dead except for Jack Sparrow, Will, Barbossa, Pintel, Ragetti, Elizabeth, Tia Dalma / Calypso and several other people who have no business advantage to betray them to the Aztec is it that the sea should again be cursed, and end up all over it and kill piracy pirate business. Also all the crew the Black Pearl at the time was long dead except for Jack Sparrow, Barbossa, Pintel and Ragetti who they know and trust have betrayed their business in the Aztec. Tia Dalma / Calypso, after consultation with the Captain Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth, told him that their magic treasures had been stolen back by the pirates and still in their possession, and he’s still waiting to reveal to him who robbed after the curse was lifted from the Black Pearl and the crew at the time.

With follow-up of pirate Aztecs, condemned prisoners singing “Hoist Colors” to force the pirates are now ten a ruling class of the Brethren Court to convene at Shipwreck Cove where the hosts are ten pirate Captain Jack Sparrow, Captain Elizabeth (which now comes as a The new successor of Feng’s who died last year after the field was severely wounded in the attack on his ship with Davy Jones Elizabeth went on to become the new Pirate Lord of the South China Sea, and is now the Chinese ship captain Feng Queen), and Captain Barbossa (who is now ranked as the host of the tenth and second pirate pirate ruler of the Caribbean) as the latter proposed to the assembly to counter-attack the Aztec pirates rather than wasting their time looking for long lost treasure since the thirty years that they may never be recovered, while they can use their valuable time to clean the sea from the Aztecs and their curse.

After the hijacking they have been stopped by the “Sea Life” Aztec-condemned, and they proved helpless against the attacks of pirates Aztec and “Sea Life”, and similar to several unsuccessful attempts to defend themselves from pirates Aztec, including a lot of evil-fortune slowdown the size of the transfer of the Black Pearl, Captain Jack, Elizabeth, and Barbossa guilty and some pirate captain and crew of Lords and they all visit a voodoo priest Tia Dalma / Calypso so she can help them recover or whether Aztec gold defeating pirates and curses them out Aztec from the sea, as Captain Barbossa suggests. Tia Dalma / Calypso told them that although they managed to defeat the pirates Aztec, they do not curse will be lifted from the sea because they know both the Aztecs and that they will not at any cost to alleviate the curse of its ocean produce. The only way to defeat the pirates Aztec and lift the curse of the sea of ​​dark Aztec medallion when he tells them, is that they first have to return every piece of Aztec treasure stolen from them thirty years ago by Captain Jack Sparrow and Barbossa and crew of the former Black Pearl, so as to encourage the Aztecs to free the seas and lift their curse, because he himself is unable to lift a curse because the curse of the sea is as strong as the old one suffered by the Black Pearl and the crew of the former, and he must first know where the charm of the curse of the Aztec used so as to try to see if he could try to break the curse. He also told them that they must use a gold medal (an important coin from the treasure) to beat the curse of dark medal and gold medal in the possession of Will Turner, who is now captain of The Flying Dutchman. Others do not understand why so adamant Tia Dalma Barbossa / Calypso must have Aztec pirate out of the ocean without having to waste their time looking for treasure, if Tia Dalma / Calypso can use his magic to find a stolen treasure.

Tia Dalma / Calypso also tells them that the nature of the curse suffered by the crew of the Black Pearl is the same length of time under the sea. He revealed to them that same way they did long to break the curse of the Black Pearl, he knew from sure that they also need to William “Bootstrap Bill” Turner’s blood to break the curse of the sea and since there are more Bootstrap Bill, relatively Turner should be made to break the curse of the sea and only relative he is William Turner that they had to save from the ship Flying Dutchman. They also have used other than Will’s part to break the curse of blood so as to clean the sea from the curse as they do for the crew of the Black Pearl, the need to free the captain of The Flying Dutchman, Captain Will, from his detention at sea ‘permanently bonded so that he and his ship can step on the ground, and also to break the curse in which he is to set the ship after every ten years.

Tia Dalma / Calypso reveals he has the ability to break the spell bound ties Will Turner to ship the Flying Dutchman (such as in the past Davy Jones was appointed by him, Calypso, Goddess of the Sea and her lover, to transport the dead to the next world; in return, Jones The Flying Dutchman and he became captain, was allowed to walk on land for one day every ten years to be with his love, and therefore the fate of Davy Jones affects everyone who took the captainship of The Flying Dutch as did the stabbing chest Will Jones), and he agrees to help them take Will Turner from ‘final possession of the ship Jones as captain of The Flying Dutchman because he knows Davy Jones and he has ties to her mysterious past and is a person who is usually described the famous legend of Davy Jones, and in addition to having a pendant that similar to his. He also quietly and privately to seize this opportunity to pay his debt to free himself Will, because it also helps in freeing itself as Calypso and reveal to him that Davy Jones who betrayed him to the Court restricted the Muslim Brotherhood in Tia Dalma him.

The pirates and the Aztecs were wandering around everywhere in the Caribbean to find someone who can help tell them that being a pirate Caribbean Aztec treasure them so they can recover and lift their tribe from the evil curse. In search of treasure thieves, they found an island where they find Angelica. Angelica, who at that time still desperate and lonely deserted island Captain Jack Sparrow left, approached by the pirates Aztec despair. After telling him what they were after and their goals, Angelina had to tell them that their property be robbers because it is the only exit from the island as pirates Aztecs refused to come out of the island because it would waist their time and delay their search.

On the island of the Aztecs, Hut, where they were taken Angelica to their tribe, the witches Aztec, The Sorcora, Angelica examined before they release him from the ground to see if he’s telling the truth about the treasure trove of knowledge about robbers or he just wants them to save freely by his lies. They reveal their witch after checking Angelica and consulting cowries, that kind of monster it is hereafter called the Kraken, which is limited by Tia Dalma / Calypso at the time, secretly orchestrating the theft of Jack Sparrow and Barbossa to the Aztec gold, and that Tia Dalma / Calypso and Barbossa is up to some evil plan that has a link to the fact that Tia Dalma / Calypso and longer to know why the Kraken Barbossa Jack Sparrow and Barbossa led and crew of the Black Pearl for theft of property condemned, and, why is firmly condemned property itself.

Then Sorcora this, use magic and hold Tia Dalma / Calypso and threatens to betray Tia Dalma / Calypso plan ’s bad for Captain Jack Sparrow and the other if he does not help the Aztec to take back the Aztec gold medal from the dark and others without major clashes or the war he was afraid of his tribe can not win as a magic told him, and that he was forced Tia Dalma / Calypso to secretly sided with them in that case said the fight erupted in the course. The Sorcora also encourage Tia Dalma / Calypso testify and to ensure that the Aztec gold is currently owned by Captain Barbossa, and he also happened to Tia Dalma / Calypso to disclose to the other Captain Barbossa that he was always known to be in possession of all the Aztec gold pirate sea ​​world who tirelessly seek, and the fact he has decided to hide from them that Barbossa is a robber and guard the treasure because he was protecting himself for the fulfillment of the plan they are doing evil. The Sorcora also told her one of the pirates he has fallen in love with Angelica prisoner and that he wanted to prevent this marriage at all costs, because it does not comply with the pirates and the rank in question. Sorcora say they have devised a plan to end the relationship is also active in both. Tia Dalma / Calypso said that the assembly when they gave the pirate treasure, The Sorcora should tell his people that they should tell the others that they will release in exchange for a map of Elizabeth Davy Jones Locker famous Captain Elizabeth from the South China Sea, and he has said this Sorcora what power and influence they would have if they have a map and the Sorcora agree to see in it another evil plan to grow in Tia Dalma / Calypso. (Tia Dalma / Calypso intention is to have the Aztecs have a map, which he greedily desires that he can easily take it from them). Angelica has quietly overhead that they take back to his cage.

The Black Pearl, the Queen, the Queen Anne and their crews traveling to the depths of the sea (provision) under the guidance of Tia Dalma / Calypso and after the encounter and deal with “living water” from the “sea life”, the pirates Aztec and several trials and beatings of sea, including the transfer of any size Black Pearl which has at some point in the trip was reduced to a mini-size so it can not support a man and threw all the crew and captain at sea and to be boarded by other ships; Captain Jack Sparrow, Elizabeth and Barbossa and their crew to Tia Dalma / Calypso ’s managed to take the help of Will Turner, her crew and The Flying Dutchman from the spell that bound them to the sea’ depth. Soon Tia Dalma / Calypso break the curse in which Will is to set the ship after every ten years and also breaks the spell prevents The Flying Dutchman, crew and Will, from the sea permanently attached, and allows them to set foot on land again. Also, all the collected souls of the dead or dying sailor who was serving on board for one hundred years time they all became a man raised up, including Will who also brought back to the people and they all become what they originally were at the time of their death. Tia Dalma / Calypso challenging their death and was resurrected only by breaking the spell is cast on Davy Jones and his ship years ago, is now the curse of Will Turner and ships, as he had challenged death and resurrected Captain Barbossa. Will and Elizabeth back together again.

Soon to be released from The Flying Dutchman, he challenged for the Captains against other pirates and Tia Dalma / Calypso intention to destroy the ship that they believe will prevent both Davy Jones and his Kraken from the rise of animals because they are restricted to the ship by some unbroken spell . Tia Dalma / Calypso said also that he had a spell and then cast on Davy Jones and his ship, which is now sent to Will and ships, have effect during which the vessel remains in the depths of the sea in the next, Jones and his Kraken is bound to remain dead, but as long as it appears in the living world, so it will be Jones and the Kraken are also to raise the living world. Does he now have become accustomed to the ship and now regards as his ship and remained Undestroyed. Will also explain to others he was taking back his gold medal from his chest because he loved it, and it has had since childhood, and he has long been regarded as good luck charms and giver of his dead father at the time.

When ten pirate king of the Brethren Court at Shipwreck Cove to convene another session to plan the next action to be taken so as to recover the long lost Aztec gold stolen by Captain Jack Sparrow and Barbossa after the successful release of their main targets, Will Turner; Pintel and Ragetti are now fed by the termination in sea piracy because of the curse ‘, betrays Barbossa to the Court of pirate leaders and authorities to admit he is a person who is in possession of Aztec gold. They told the court that at the time of the Black Pearl’s crew and the curse, after firing Jack and Barbossa Barbossa thinks he just wasted his shot but then would drop the last two medals tinged with his blood to the chest and no longer immortal collapsed and died Barbossa, Will take return his gold medal from the chest and they, Pintel and Ragetti to steal the treasure and save it. -Greedy and when treasures back to life after a resurrected Barbossa by Tia Dalma / Calypso, they, famous pirates believed, give back to the Aztec treasure they stole quietly away after Barbossa found on them. When the court asked why he still keeps Barbossa treasure after all the evil done to him and his crew in the past, he admitted that he kept inside him for years he believed that one day get to meet a witch who will help explore the Aztec gold of the curse, so he spent it. They now understand why so adamant Tia Dalma Barbossa / Calypso must have Aztec pirate out of the ocean without having to waste their time looking for treasure.

After freeing Captain Will and very convincing him to give back the gold medal so that Aztec could take back their property, Captain Jack Sparrow, Elizabeth Turner, Barbossa and Will Turner, ships and their crews; trip to The Hut; island where they handed Aztec treasures treasure it. After the exchange is completed, Jack Sparrow and Barbossa is surprised to find Angelica on board when they face Aztec Aztec. They learned that the pirates had held captive Angelina after they took him to their tribe in which the magician tells them that he is a lover of the original robbers of treasure. Angelica hate Jack Sparrow, replied that he was no more with him after he left the island after killing his father. Aztec decided to keep Angelica as a prisoner to use him in future to bargain and negotiate with the pirates, because he is a lover of the Caribbean pirate lord, Captain Jack Sparrow.

Angelica for free, which made negotiations Aztec Angelica wants to exchange for our famous Davy Jones Locker, which owns and Elizabeth who was one of his precious legacy of Feng’s, as The Sorcora told his people to reclaim it. Jack finally after persuading an angry Elizabeth (who consider Angelica a small value that is important to map because it created the first rift between the two women) to deal with the pirates Aztec, assuring him that he himself would take it back. Angelica is also inherited some wonderful acquaintances of his father’s death; later discovered that the map is not only a map to Davy Jones’ Locker, but also magical map that shows the path to all destinations and are able to lead the way to Ella Caribe, where Pearl can return to its original size . He decided to keep this secret as part of his sentence for him. He also noticed Tia Dalma / Calypso addictive behavior of the map and confirmed over its alleged intention of the priest. Elizabeth, however secretly overheard Angelica and decided he would tell Jack that will push him in every way to have it re-map of the Aztec, as will also be very important to him in his ship returned to normal size.

However, like other plans and negotiations are made for Angelica was released, one of the pirates Aztec The Killer, has fallen in love with Angelica, whom he plans to marry after he had helped his tribe discovered gold and treasure to be used to save his tribe. He and his brother Captain Ship Mysterious Death takes away from the assembly and go to communicate in secret, like Angelica hidden after being freed from his cage by Tia Dalma / Calypso, heard the mysterious promise of his brother he will betroth her to him, Angelica. He overhears additional The Killer and The Mysterious Plan to kill Captain Jack Sparrow and Barbossa as they hate them for the theft and the consequences it has already had in their tribe, and also for their fame, and The Killer additional stills found Angelica loves Jack Sparrow and his reasons why he did not return his love. Angelica also has a rival named Mathilda, who loved The Killer and has plans to charm and bewitch the Killer who did not return his love, to love him back. Angelica also after overhearing Mathilda plan to kill him, make Angelica feel insecure in the country and expressed her love for Jack Sparrow is open to the assembly that he should be excited and motivated to save it.

In negotiations, Angelica who had overheard the conversation between The Mystery of The Killer and his brother, walked into the middle of the assembly and said he had overhead a conversation between the two. Soon the war broke out between the Aztecs and their guests, and the war brought to the sea by Tia Dalma / Calypso the intention is to stay on the island and the safe robbed map to Davy Jones Locker he has longed for since, which is crucially important to the plan itself. The Mysterious, after he, his crew and other Aztec boats surrounded on all sides in the war by their opponent’s ships and close to defeat, and after he saw Tia Dalma / Calypso did not play a part in a secret war as planned by him and the Sorcora; tell Captain Jack Sparrow, Will Turner Elizabeth and Tia Dalma that / Calypso who testified and confirmed to them that after years he always knew the Aztec treasures still in the possession of Captain Barbossa’s why they’re seeking in vain (without disclosing that Angelica who said last year that their property stolen by Captain Jack Sparrow and Barbossa). This mystery is stated that the minister said there were no pirate Barbossa so to protect the property so they could spend together. Tia Dalma / Calypso denied the allegations in which he allegedly hid the truth Barbossa has the property of another so as to consume the wealth by Barbossa. She said she was protected because of his own Barbossa grateful to him because he had stolen “piece of eight” Jack in the past and use them and their colleagues to release him as Calypso, which is bound in Tia Dalma. The other pirates understand why Tia Dalma / Calypso always delayed their use of magic so as to reveal to them the location and the property owner.

Tia Dalma / Calypso continues to defend himself saying he did it to get revenge on Davy Jones betrayed him to the first Brethren Court, and the latter consequently trapping him in the flesh so that man can rule the seas. He said also that he agrees to help them save Will from What is revealed to him that Davy Jones betrayed him to the Court of the Brotherhood after Davy Jones told Will that he is the man who masterminded Calypso’s imprisonment. He also took this opportunity to tell What he has paid tribute to him to release him because he is revealed to him that Davy Jones who betrayed him to the Court of Assembly. Tia Dalma / Calypso also revealed for the assembly and Barbossa he had been a friend to him because he was strict, Barbossa, who steals “piece of eight” Jack in the past and use them and their colleagues to release him as Calypso is bound in Tia Dalma. He stated the main intent is to destroy the Flying Dutchman as it will prevent the long dead past captain, Davy Jones, of reviving life.

In the course of the war between the four islands, sea captains and their crews against pirates Aztec, who first became victorious after they and their ship was damaged and the cruelty imposed on those who live by the sea water of life ‘. Battle itself was not easy for Black Pearl and its crew to win on their side as they ship the size-shift into various sizes. When the size of a mini-shift to smaller sizes, Captain Jack Sparrow and his crew have to suffer to a duel on it because of its small size and usually gradually reduced the size of the transfer to the size of the micro and the residents find themselves thrown out of the boat and sank into the sea. Capt. Elizabeth, Will and Barbossa with the ships they have come to save them and their boards. And then the Black Pearl will gradually gain more size and size to the size of the super-shift of the two times, three times and more and large size will encourage and promote, disseminate, crowded and the queue of other ships in the vicinity of the sea. They eventually end up defeating the pirates Aztec

Tia Dalma / Calypso by way of revenge he decides to take revenge from the pirates Aztec for betraying him to Jack Sparrow and others. With the help of an accomplice Angelica and her magic, they decide to act first against rival Angelica, Mathilda, by casting a spell on Mathilda to make fall in love with Jack and return the love triangle joke. Mathilda Aztec crazy eyes and was astonished that mysterious love Jack Sparrow. Her mad love for Jack Sparrow, Mathilda (after seeing Jack and Angelica share a passionate kiss that last accident did to provoke anger and jealousy Mathilda) Angelica reveals that he is the one who betrayed him to the pirates Aztec and revealed to them that it was her and Captain Barbossa and the crew of former Black Pearl is stealing Aztec treasure (those who solve the mystery of the pirates, who after years of so many betrayed them to the Aztecs by revealing to them that they are the original robbers of the Aztec gold). Mathilda is the hope expressed hatred for lighting Jack Sparrow Angelica. Angelica feels guilty and is not very happy for this revelation and said it was a chance for revenge against Jack Sparrow to kill his father and he was stranded on a deserted island, intending to ships passing by to pick her up.

Meanwhile, The Killer, who caught Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth’s love interest, a kiss, becomes jealous and engaged in a duel against Jack. When Mathilda saw Jack Sparrow fight against former love interest of The Killer, he became a cheering and encouraging new boyfriend Jack Sparrow to kill The Killer, to the surprise of the Aztecs. He also decided to engage in a duel with Angelica so as to kill him and have him for herself. Angelica who had long secretly store and now have two trophies in the possession of (as he intended to use one day of Jack Sparrow to make drinking water fountain is collected in a Petri does not contain a mermaid tears so that he could die the same death he did to his father), involved in a duel with Mathilda and the latter that both know the use of two trophies, as he had never heard of Angelica at home, talking about the trophy and its properties, and vowed he would use to kill the same person who killed his father with them, take it from Angelica and vowed that he would likely use it to kill Angelica and prevent him from killing her lover Jack Sparrow, who he claims to love and Angelica did not pretend to kiss him just so easy to deceive him and then kill her revenge plans .

Then both The Killer injured by Jack Sparrow, and Angelica put to death a second time after being stabbed a second time again, and now with Mathilda (as the latter captures the love interest, Jack Sparrow, Angelica kissing to show love and apologize to him for leaving her and kill his father, causing jealousy and anger over Angelica Mathilda to be loved by two people he loved in his life Mathilda). Mathilda seized from Angelica dying, bowls filled with water collected and the Fountain of Fountain water that must be taken simultaneously from the two trophies. People drink from the cup containing a mermaid tears have extended his life, while others died, the year of his life drained from her body. Mathilda died Angelica wants to give the cup does not contain the tears of a mermaid and The Killers life by giving him a cup containing a mermaid tears for him. But, he mistakes the second chalice after indecision and confusion of Jack the one containing the mermaid tears and Jack, for the second time secretly switch the cup let Mathilda does not have a water-filled eyes of Syrena, thus saving the life of Angelica for the second time, and Mathilda kill The Killer by having him drink from the wrong cup.

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