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Recent Egyptian Domestic Policy Dilemma

A legendary clash between Liberal opposition and Islamist in charge.

The first spark of the Egyptian revolution was the demand of major changes in the leaderships of the ministry of the interior in the police day  January 25 , Mubarak regime reacted violently to this non-violent civil resistance which lead to raising the ceiling of demands to the removal of the regime itself .

The Military Council was commissioned by Mubark to take responsibility of the country , The supreme commander of The Armed Forces also the head of the Military Council Mohamed Hussein Tantawi became the actual ruler during this transition , The Military council called for a referendum on 19Th of march 2011 for some constitutional amendments of the 71 constitution .

The Islamic forces declared their agreement

1. as the amendments contains article II ( The Islamic law is main source of legislation )

2. The choice of the Parliamentary elections first ,

3. Hazem Abu Ismail a revolutionary islamist agreed in order to shorten the period of military rule .

The liberal forces declared their refusal

1. as the adoption of the amendments will eliminate the idea of secularism

2. The choice of a new constitution first ,

3. Mohamed ElBaradei  refused the 71 constitution even with amendments , he said that the new constitution will take no longer than 3 months .

The result of the referendum was in the favor of the Islamic forces , the military council instead of the amendment of the 71 constitution took the step of a constitutional announcement , according to the result of the referendum the military council should have leave authority within six months ,  but the liberal forces demanded the council to stay in charge two more years as they were not ready for Parliamentary elections against islamists , 

The council declared then that it will stay for 18 months , the streets went on fire and Tantawy was forced to declare the schedule of the presidential elections .

Before the Parliamentary elections some of the liberal revolutionary forces Announced a sit-in  in front of the Council of Ministers as they refused the prime minister at that time Esam Sharaf , They demanded Mohamed ElBaradei to be the next prime minister and he accepted that on condition to hold full powers in his hands , the military council refused and appointed Alganzori as prime minister .

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