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Revolution Series TV Show Trailer

The first images of the new series from JJ Abrams.

Revolution Series TV Show Trailer
JJ Abrams (Lost, Fringe) is comforted cancellation of Alcatraz, with its new series: Revolution. The series will be launched at the beginning of September on NBC and the first pictures have just come out.

What’s about Revolution Series TV Show Trailer?
Without warning, a blackout plunges the world into darkness … The plot follows a group of survivors therefore, fifteen years after the fact. Civilization tries to survive without electricity while militias took dictatorial power. After the death of his father (who apparently knew the blackout would occur), a young girl goes in search of his uncle.

I think we should expect that the entire plot of the series is rotated around a single question: what has happened? But overall, the trailer makes you want and the series could be the next hit JJ Abrams!
The cast include Tim Guinee (The Good Wife), Giancarlo Esposito (Once Upon A Time, Breaking Bad), Billy Burke (Twilight) and Andrea Roth (Ringer Rescue Me).

Here’s the first trailer from Revolution Series TV Show Trailer:

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