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Richest Presidents in the History of the United States

Really interesting article about the men who were and are President of the USA and how much they are or were worth. You might be surprised who history deems as our richest leaders.

We all know the presidential candidates are spending 10’s of millions of dollars to become President of the USA. This election year, 2008, will be the most expensive Presidential Campaign in the history of America. It is said you must be a millionaire to even try to run for U.S. Presidency. Yet over the course of America’s history do you know who, were the wealthiest Presidents of the “land of the brave and the home of the free”?

The common folk across America want to believe anyone can be President, but in actuality most U.S. Presidents came from wealthy, affluent and highly educated backgrounds. Exceptions to this fact are Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield and Bill Clinton all born into humble families and acquired wealth later in life. For Bill Clinton, his millionaire status would only come after he was President.

It is written that most U.S. Presidents come from the elite echelons of American Society (top 2%), in terms of wealth. Hmmmmm, I wonder if an ordinary person ever could become President?

Here are the top 10 wealthiest men who became President of the U.S.A., according to most historians and Forbes Magazine:

George Washington — was the wealthiest due to his vast land holdings and the wealth he acquired through marriage.

The other men include Andrew Jackson (thought to be a poor man-wrong!), Teddy Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, John Kennedy (family inheritance), Lyndon Johnson, Herbert Hoover, Zachary Taylor, George H. Bush and perhaps the richest modern President to date is George W. Bush, who has ranks among the top ten richest U. S. Presidents of all time.

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