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Should The Us Continue to Act as The Worlds “Police”?

A paper I wrote on whether the US should continue to be the worlds police.

The United States for many years has acted as if it was the world’s “baby sitter” and has stuck its nose in everyone else’s business. The Vietnam War, The Battle of Mogadishu (also known as Black Hawk Down), and the war in Iraq are all examples of US’s attempts to police the world. All of these events are and were failures, resulting in many Americans lost. The US should discontinue their attempt to be the world’s policemen.

One reason the US should not get involved in other countries business is that continually involving itself puts many Americans live in danger. According to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund, about 58,236 American soldiers died fighting in Vietnam. Vietnam would never have happened if the US didn’t intervene in Vietnams affairs. Another reason the US shouldn’t get involved is that constant intervention in other countries affairs drain our resources and cost us humungous amounts of money. According to the National Priorities Project, the US has pumped in approximately $704 billion dollars into Iraq.

One event that supports the US not getting involved would be the 1993 civil war in Somalia. George H. W. Bush sent US troops to help UN relief efforts in Somalia. When the relief didn’t seem to help stop the civil war, the US launched a major coalition operation to help humanitarian efforts. Soon after, UN forces were killed in heavy fighting in an area of Mogadishu, a hot zone in Somalia. The US called for the arrest of the ones responsible for the deaths of the UN forces. A Delta Force team was sent to infiltrate a safe house where one of the believed to be part of the killings, but one of their Black Hawk helicopters was shot down by an RPG. Two snipers were sent to protect the injured in the Black Hawk, but were eventually overrun and killed by Somali militiamen. The pilot of the Black Hawk helicopter was taken hostage by the militiamen. After the fighting, the Somali militiamen and Somali locals dragged the bodies of the dead American troops throughout the streets of Mogadishu.  This event was so horrible that the US should have learned to not intervene because it would only cause the death of many troops for a cause that didn’t concern the US in the first place.

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