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Social, Economic, and Political Changes After The Civil War

The Civil War to this day has had the most casualties on Americans, and caused America to change greatly.

Before the Civil War, there were constant disputes between regions on various aspects such as slavery and other important issues. During the Civil War massive destruction was done to the Southerners and massive amounts of men were lost. Concluding the Civil War America was in substantial debt and the war had cost more then America had before the War had begun. Obviously, there was a great deal of change socially, economically, and politically during the Civil War, which transformed America into an entirely new country.

There was a change socially because of the social order was rearranged by the moving up of former slaves and woman. However, African-Americans were not placed as highly even though they were considered free, and woman were still not considered equal to men they did move up. The Civil War concluded with the conclusion of slavery, which gave the freedmen slightly more power then they contained before. Not to mention, nationalism and patriotism was becoming stronger. This is largely due to the fact that much of the tension between the two regions had been to some extent resolved, and this ended slavery which was a major cause for the fights between the two regions.

The economic changes were devastating for both sides but mostly towards the South. The United States had to pay for a costly war, and much of the Southern plantations were destroyed and as were many big cities, including Richmond and Vicksburg. Additionally, there were a lot less young men in the United States because of the massive deaths that had occurred during the war, several towns were completely wiped out of young men. Because of this low supply of young men there was a weaker labor force in the United States.

The political changes were probably the most obvious, because it ended the great dispute between the North and the South. Eventhough the South lost and it was not content with the outcome, it surrendered slavery and ended one of the greatest dilemmas the country had to face. The war also weakened the Democratic Party, which did not win an election for a long time after the Civil War. Therefore, socially, economically, and politically the country was different from its previous self, and it could ultimately be considered a new country.

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