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Somali Pirates Have a New Way of Running Their Piracy

Somali pirates have a new way of running their piracy. For the sake of ransom, the pirates cut the arm of the hijacked ship’s captain when they asked for a ransom is not met.

This horrific new tactic used on Friday, January 20 last. At that time, a ship captain from Vietnam had to give up his arm broken, because the ship owners are reluctant to pay ransom.

Captain Wu Chao-I must lose his right hand after the failure of negotiations to pay a ransom of $ 3 million Us. As a result, the vessel Shiuh Fu-1 can not be freed and the captain had lost his arm.

After cutting the arm of the hijackers told the men of Captain Wu to call their families and told him what had happened.

“We allowed the crew to call family members and describe the events of the cutting arm of the captain of the ship. They appealed to families to pay ransom,” said the pirates told a Somali media, told AFP on Thursday (1/26/2012 ).

“This is the warning to the owner of the ship and crew families. When the ship owner does not pay the ransom, we will pay another crew,” continued the statement.

Truth on the cutting arm of the captain of the ship Shiuh Fu-1 was confirmed by Tuoi Tre newspaper Vietnam News. According to him, a crew named Tran Van Hung confessed to his father, that the captain’s arm was cut off by the hijackers.

Fishing vessel FV Shiuh Fu-1 owned by Taiwan, was detained by Somali pirates for two years. The ship with 26 crew, was hijacked in northern Madagascar on December 25, 2010.

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