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Spanish Heroes in The American Civil War

From one to July 3, 1863 was fought the terrible battle of Gettysburg. We remind our countrymen in the race.

representation of a battle in the American Civil War

You may not know the whole letter “Dixie” , may still speak Spanish better at their grandparents than in English, perhaps the gray uniform of the Confederacy they came too close, but there were a handful of Spanish that fought copper and gave their blood in the terrible American Civil War. Even up there some hero in Gettysburg , as the Union soldier Francisco Navarrete, who snatched a flag to Southerners, without this, no one knows yet what the reason, be awarded.


But positions to organize, it may be best to start with other names not fully Spanish itself kept some connection with our country. For starters, one of the great Union military, Admiral David G. Farragut , a family from Menorca. Or the very General George Gordon Meade , who defeated Lee at Gettysburg, which coincidentally was born in Cadiz. Or Confederate General James Johnston Pettigrew, passionate about our country who wrote a book entitled “Spain and Spanish”. We had by people “endearing, chivalrous and brave.”

But vuecencias apart, time is already talking about the troops go. And to thank who have put us in this way, as the commander of engineers José Enrique López Jiménez, author of a great article on the subject in the journal “Army” in its issue 791, March 2007. Or the very interesting blog of Jesús Hernández (expert in this contest, author of “North against South. overall History Civil War” ). Or the equally passionate arguments Rowin Isadora Elliott .

All brisk

For reasons mostly geographic rather than ideological, most of our countrymen who fought in that terrible war they did with the Confederacy, with the rebels. At the end of the day, several of the states Southerners like Louisiana and Florida were among their people many descendants of Spanish, most notably of people coming from the Canary Islands.

Enlistment Poster New York 39th

At the time of the battle, those Spanish joined their neighbors, as usual. However, there were also people our troops from Union blue. Especially in the 39th Regiment of New York, known as the Garibaldi Guard , as well as using red shirts as the partisans had to the Italian revolutionary garibaldianos among his heroes. That regiment was composed largely of immigrants already in those years came in cold blood Ellis Island in New York. The uniform was also spent Italian airs, it was modeled on that used by the Bersaglieri , with their hats included.

Heroes of Louisiana

In the south, most of our tropae enlisted in the 10th Regiment of Louisiana (also were in the 13th, with its uniform Zouaves), and be here to remember an important book about them, “Foreign Legion of Lee” of Tom Brooks. And there were guys like Gustavo Lopez, New Orleans, Peter Barau, also from New Orleans, enlisted in the Rebels in Louisiana, was captured and end up swearing allegiance to the Union, Alexander Berthancourt (typical Canarian name), also in New Orleans , died at Gettysburg, John Basco Orleans Rangers, Peter Bellory, Antonio Campos, also of New Orleans, missing in action, Manuel Brown, missing in action, Antonio de Leon, Juan Fernandez, after being taken prisoner swore allegiance to Union, Juan Gutierrez, Juan Geneva (lost his right arm at Gettysburg) …

Flag of the 10th Regiment Louisiana


But there was more Spanish, back ground more or less strange . As the Spanish infantry regiment of Infantry Militia New Orleans, the Spanish or Southern Star Guard Guards, 21 Alabama Infantry Regiment. Or Texans of Partisans of Benavides , a troop curd canaries in the area of San Antonio de Béjar, or 8th Florida Infantry Regiment. The commanding the Texan Santos Benavides, grandson of the founder of Laredo.

A thousand miles which was the home of his grandparents, our countrymen, as always, never failed to show his face in a terrible war, considered the first modern war, a struggle which we know is also paired with Spanish blood.

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