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Student Sex Party Four Junior High School Level

The new education tarnished. Four high school students Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta, carried out a part of alcohol and sex, in a school. Interestingly, alcohol was obtained from the store owned by a police officer.

According to reports, the episode began when, after school Friday, October 28, E (14), TT (16) and AA (15), collected in a village cemetery Baleharjo, Wonosari. All three types of CDI then buy alcohol mixed with carbonated drinks.

“At first we passed and spoke to Yahya buy Aya CDI in his barn, a police officer named Mr. Aziz,” said Titus, manager before Saturday (29/10/2011).

After that, YY told them to take a friend, Rus (15), which is called to join in the spirit of party. Russia was the fear of being discovered and the people around, the fourth child was transferred to the tomb of China, which is much more quiet in the village of Jeruksari.

Drunk, the four re-moved SMPN 2 Karangmojo “No, we continue to drink, and spent two bottles, and then moved to the school, because Rus invited by his friend Virginia basketball practice,” he said.

Seeing one of the classrooms are not locked, the four took the initiative to enter. Meanwhile, to deceive people, they let Go play basketball alone.

Tt added, while the four “Holidays” initiative to record E, using indecent Adek a cell phone. “YY, and” play “Rus, I and E only observed, and invited to participate,” he said.

Similar boy delivered E. who was sitting in class II, junior admitted only see the YH do these scenes. He was then asked to turn the video on the book by HP. “I did this record,” he said.

But when the pleasure of “playing” discovered one of the four guards, then escorted to school Mapolres Gunungkidul. Rus shock fainted and was taken to hospital Wonosari.

“We have not examined the factors of women and children’s units (trade), the police,” said the police chief that ASEP ASEP Gunungkidul Nalaludin, but in this case, the act of No 23 of 2002 on the protection of permpuan and children. “In addition to the author a child,” he said.

Disingguung sellers of liquor, including the police, has confessed ASEP will do an investigation. “I do not even know that some members of Parliament are selling, we promised to investigate,” he said.

According to him, if indeed any member of the police has shown that alcohol sold, do not hesitate to impose heavy sanctions. “I am sure, be suspended if there are shareholders who sell alcohol,” he said.

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