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Sumerian Inventions and Achievements

A quick list of Sumerian inventions and achievements.

Transportation: The most famous Sumerian invention was the wheel. This allowed people to move around easier and led to many inventions like the plow. Other inventions include boats/rafts.

Irrigation: Farming was hard back then because rivers                                                                                         could easily flood and destroy crops. Canals, another Sumerian invention, are manmade rivers with dams that let people                                                                                                                                  control the river flow.

Use of Clay: Sumerian people formed clay into bricks. They then packed them together and used them for housing. They also made pottery.

Use of Copper and Bronze: Copper and bronze were commonly used for weapons. Jewelry such as necklaces and bracelets were also made of these materials.

Writing system: The Sumerians used a clay tablet and a sharp sick called a stylus. Their writing was called cuneiform. They also had cylinder seals, cylinders you rolled in clay to make a “signature”.   

Numbers/Measurement: The Sumerians based math on the number 60. They divided a circle into 360 degrees and made a 12 (a factor of 60) month calendar. Hey also solved area and perimeter problems.

Written Law: Sumerians had scribes, people who recorded what the King said. A famous king made 282 laws and inscribed them on a stone pillar.

Religious Tradition: Ziggurats were temples that people used to worship gods. They believed polytheism and made offerings to the gods. Their gods could be very powerful.  

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