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Taxpayers are Paying for President Obama’s Vacation!

When the President goes on vacation who foots the bill?

When you go on vacation who pays for it? You do right? This is probably why so many of us go without vacations.  I know I did this year and am not even sure when I will see another one as I simply cannot afford it.  Yet, when our President Barack Obama goes on vacation he doesn’t pay for it, or at least not most of it.  Guess who does.  Yep, that’s right, we the taxpayer’s do.

Now I will start off by saying that I was proud to have voted for President Barack Obama.  And in light of the state the economy and heathcare were in when he came into office I feel that he is making progress.  And of course we all know that it took years for things to get this bad so fixing it all over-night is just not going to happen. Yet, as hard as he is working does he deserve to use taxpayers money on a four million dollar vacation?

While many of us are struggling to make ends meet and barely able to keep our houses and food on our tables our President and his family will be in Hawaii.  And not only are they going on vacation but they are travelling seperately so it will cost double the amount to get them to their destination safely.  Oh and lets not forget that while on his private beach front home (the one thing he does pay for) we the taxpayers will be paying for his entourage to stay their and keep him safe.  Yes, the Coast Guard, Secret Service and Navy Seals all need a place to stay and we get to pay for it!  Is it just me or does this seem unfair?  Not to mention that the money used on his vacation could be used to help the economy or provide jobs!

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