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The 101 Suites More Luxurious and Expensive The Planet

The luxurious suites and dazzling the world. Also the most expensive. Each year, the Elite Traveler magazine put the magnifying glass on hotels and places “mortals” are able to imagine only associated with a prize lottery or the pools. Its main list consists of 101 suites.

Not including Spanish no, not even the so-called “I’m on the top of the World ‘ , in Ibiza (5,000 euros a night). A second list of the same magazine summarizes the ten suites more “cool”. Between the two compilations discover three “pearls” for code when you dream tonight

The world’s most expensive suite is the Royal Penthouse Suite , Hotel President Wilson in Geneva. Located on the top floor of the hotel, consists of twelve rooms, twelve bathrooms and a terrace of 1,680 square meters. Among his clients, Bill Clinton, Prince Albert and Mikhail Gorbachev. Has service and private elevator, doors and bulletproof windows, a collection of Art Deco vases and Persian silk carpets.

Madonna corset (a bustier rather) and a silk robe Shakira, and other ‘memories’ of artists are part of the decoration of the “Rock Star Suite” , the Hard Rock Hotel Vallarta (Mexico). Moreover, king size bed, double Jacuzzi, private terrace with sea view … Price: $ 2,624.

A private helipad. Peacock Suite is called, is at the ITC Gardenia , Karnataka, India, and costs $ 10,000 per night. Among other things you can not imagine, customers have private helipad and a saltwater pool.

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