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The American Revolution…to be a Patriot

A simple essay about being a Patriot during the American Revolution.

 Patriot Essay


            After thinking about the views of the Loyalists and Patriots, I have decided that I am a Patriot. My decision has come out of careful consideration, and here’s why. It all began when Britain was heavily in debt from the Seven Years War and the French and Indian War, thus they decided to tax the colonists by using the Sugar Act and Stamp Act, which enraged the poor colonists. To add to these problems, Britain didn’t give the colonists a voice in government…“Taxation without Representation!” Soon, the Boston Massacre occurred and when the British taxed tea imports, the colonists had enough and the Boston Tea Party took place. In April 1775, tensions between the British and the colonists exploded, and war began, known as the American Revolution. The colonists were proud to have George Washington in command and to have the newly signed Declaration of Independence of 1776 behind them. The Americans, (formerly known as colonists), had little skills compared to the strong British army and navy, not to mention the little money they had to pay soldiers and the hard times they had recruiting them. However, the Americans knew their land, they had faith in their leader and they had a cause; a true desire for independence. They wanted the ability to stand on their own two feet and fight for what they believed in; a free and independent nation. As a result of the preceding occurrences, I chose to be a patriot because I believe in freedom, independence and that people have the right to fight for a good cause and to stand up for what they believe in.

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