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The Athenian Golden Age

A brief essay on the Athenian Golden Age.

The golden age in Athens was a time of prosperity, art and political achievements. I believe it was times like the golden age of Athens that gave Athens its beautiful and amazing reputation. Greece encountered political changes and philosophers in the golden age.

The birth of philosophy and philosophers was an important part of the Athenian golden age. Philosophers such as Aristotle, Plato, Socrates and Archimedes all had a lot to give to the Athenian people. Socrates, a famous philosopher, influenced many Athenians and was the teacher of a second famous philosopher, Plato. Socrates was sentenced to death for treason to the gods. Plato, Socrates’ student was most famous for creating “The Academy”, one of the very first universities to ever exist. Another important part of the Athenian golden age was their political achievements. Athens developed a one of a kind system of government called Democracy, which involved every full citizen (Male over the age of 18) in Athens and gave him a direct say in government. Next, a third achievement that made up the Athenian golden age is the achievements in war. In the Peloponnesian War, Athens teamed up with Sparta to defeat their long time enemies, the Persians. This gave Athens made a statement to the other city-states in Greece that Athens and Sparta were “boss”. Lastly, art and architecture played a major role in the golden age of Athens. The Athens valued art very much. They had many building that were made with elegant columns and arches. As well as having architectural glory, the Athenians had created many statues and paintings as well. One famous statue, the discus thrower is an example of the Athenians’ way of art.

Athens was a powerful city-state in Greece with many values and achievements. The golden age is a time of ultimate prosperity and the unification of all of these values into creating the wonderful Athens that we know today.

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