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The Child with Iq Than Obama

With only 29 months old is able to spell hundred words and knows the multiplication table up to ten.

Little Adam Kirby

With only two years old, the little Adam Kirby has become the youngest member of the International Association of Gifted Mensa , having obtained a score of 141 in the test of intellectual COEFFICIENT Stanford-Binet , superior to that of figures like President of the United States, Barack Obama, or first minister David Cameron.

Little Adam is able to spell hundred words, master the multiplication tables up to ten, knows the periodic table and has managed to assemble puzzle designed for adults. Furthermore, he admits that he loves to read books recommended for children seven years old and learn French vocabulary, according to British newspaper ” Daily Mail “.

Kirby’s parents, also members of Mensa, explained that “While most kids were just learning to stand or crawl, Adam was reading books. Its development has been incredibly fast. ” “We used to show letters with words like ‘hippopotamus’ and ‘rhino’ in them and could identify animals correctly most of the time.”

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