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The Contributions of Ancient Greece

How Greece has affected the world forever.

The Western civilization was heavily based on ancient Greece. Architecture, art, math, science, and drama played a huge role in both ancient and modern times. There are numerous Greek contributions to the Western civilization. Such contributions include the Hippocratic Oath, the architectural columns, and the democratic government.

One of the many contributions was the Hippocratic Oath. A doctor by the name of Hippocrates came up with a system of taking responsibility (Doc 4). Such as for malpractice and accidental damage (OI). This includes any harmful medicine given to patients (Doc 4). If the Hippocratic Oath should be broken through malpractice the client/patient is then allowed certain legal rights (OI). Hippocrates lived from 460 to 377 BC (Doc 4). As of the Hippocratic Oath, all doctors must agree to the oath and promise to abide by it (OI).

Another of the contributions was the Greek columns. These columns were a huge part of the architecture of Greece (Doc 2). The columns would be everywhere in Greece (OI). Such as the Parthenon, which is surrounded on all 4 sides in columns. Columns are still used today in modern architecture. Buildings such as the White House, the Lincoln Memorial, and even residential houses use columns (Doc 2). Columns weren’t only used in Greece at the time though. After the Greek empires started building, growing, and expanding, architecture started expanding as well. Columns are also found on the Roman Coliseum, which was also done during the Greek empire. The Greeks would blend their architecture into what they conquered. The Greeks had heavily influenced other cultures’ style of construction (OI).

The Greek government was a huge part of their influences. Greece was the first country to utilize the democratic form of government. Greece had decided to give power to the people. While other countries shunned the citizen’s voices out, Greece had encouraged personal decisions. The democracy gave everyone a chance at success, social standings, and political decisions. No matter who or where you came from, you’re equal to all the other citizens (Doc 3). Today, countries still use the democracy. Countries such as the United States, France, and Canada. Without the democracy, who knows where countries would be today (OI).

Greek contributions helped influence today’s societies enormously. The Hippocratic Oath helps keep order and fairness. Their architecture shows up all over our today’s buildings. The democracy gave citizens a voice and still does in many countries. Through the blending of Greek contributions over time, it may live on for further future societies.

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