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The Effects of The Industrial Revolution

The industrial revolution helped bring no innovative ways to go about things, but it also brought some negative aspects as well.

During the Industrial Revolution, new machines were created to help increase the rate at which products were made. At the same time, European countries such as France, Britain, Portugal, Belgium, Germany, Italy, and Spain began to impose their own rules in countries located in Africa and China. These two events helped lead these countries to create the modern world. But, through this process, many negative and positive effects occurred. I believe that there were more negative effects that occurred when the Industrial Revolution and New Imperialism combined to form the modern world because the people were abused, taken advantaged of, took away traditions.

The Industrial Revolution had helped increase the rate at which products were made because of new machines. But, it required people to work on them. Jobs were very scarce because factories needed only a certain amount of people to run the machines, yet the population was so high and could not help employ everyone. As a result, many workers were paid very low wages and had to work long and stressful hours. If someone could not fill out the requirements, the factories owners could easily replace them. They would abuse their workers and get the most out of them while giving them little or nothing in return.

Next, Europe began to rule over countries located in China and Africa. They came in and settled it as if they controlled it. Through military presence many were forced to accept their presence. This presence had helped build the foundations yet started conflicts. This includes the Opium war and the war against Japan. China was a very independent country which relied on the old technology. But, as Europe helped to improve China, it began to take territories away. European countries wanted right to construct and railroads and obtain their natural resources. In Africa, they began to take gold from their gold mines. But, more importantly they began to fuse their culture with other countries in Africa. They began to fuse their money, language, and rights with theirs. They also took rights away from them.

Both the Industrial Revolution and the New Imperialism had helped both countries by keeping them up to date with technology because they were both very independent countries that relied on the “old way.” But, the process that they took to get to where they are today was not necessary. Europe had hopes of claiming new items as they were helping these countries, update their technology.

Without the help of the European countries, China and Africa would not be as successful today, but they had affected the modern world today in a negative way. They had taken away many cultures in their conquest. Many old traditions were destroyed and created conflicts within countries that are still present today.

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