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The Era of Colonialism in Kenya

Just my opinion of the Colonialism in Kenya and how it affected it. Enjoy ^^.

       In 1884 The Scramble for Africa divided Africa between fourteen different nations one of which being Great Britain, One of Britain’s major colonies in Africa was Kenya, colonization changed Kenya forever. The real question remains: How did Colonialism affect Kenya? Evidence points to changes in Government, Education and Religion. British colonialism greatly impacted Kenya by bringing indirect rule, Christianity and education (Which aided in the creation in great Kenyan leaders) to the colony. Many small ethnic groups and their governmental points of view were lost/destroyed because of Britain’s indirect rule. It was important for colonists to educate Africans so they would be “civilized” and think like white men, but the colonists weren’t as dedicated to African education as they were to education of Whites, Arabs and Asians. Indigenous beliefs in Kenya were criticized and immensely decreased percentage wise because of Christianity.

     Even though Kenya gained its Independence the so called British Colonization and “modernization” is still eating Kenya away. Kenyans should really have been taken better care of and Kenya should of had their chance to grow and “modernize” by themselves.

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