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The Extraordinary Case of “Madame V”

This is one of the most dramatic stories of ghostly apparitions, thanks to the study of French parapsychologist Robert Tocquet recognized, it became known.

A woman to protect her identity was nicknamed “Madame V” confided to Tocquet notes about the experiences he had had:

Definition of Ghost

Madame V decided to vacation, then on July 6, 1955, stayed in a large seventeenth century house called Le Prieure. In the mansion had lived for a time a community of monks, which during the French Revolution (1789 – 1799) was disintegrated and killed top.

But she was not alone, his two sons companaban twenty (Jean) and thirty (Gaston) years. Madame V stayed in a room that had just been occupied long ago by the superior of the community.

The first day had a good time, but on the fourth day of having occupied that room, Madame V munje could see a hands-free and with a hood: She said it was the night of July 10, saw her go through a dark room like a fog and within a light. Immediately she realized that this figure was human, and he wore a hood up and wore a long coat with a narrow neck. The “shadow” slowly approached and scared she sat on the bed against the parted. He said he was freezing and all sweaty, and managed to scream but could not. Terror was still. The agency moved to settle in front of the fireplace and knelt, she I can hear the sound it’s knee hitting the ground. She spent the rest of the night awake and waited for the dawn.

On many days, nothing happened, but she wanted to appear the body so we can talk again. His wish was fulfilled: one afternoon she lay in her bed and the door to his room opened and in came the monk. She could perceive in the air damp musty smell, like a tomb. Madame V could see the monk cried and banged his head against the ground three times and heard saying “God, have mercy, have mercy on me, have mercy. Dear God, forgive me Jesus.”

She struck up a conversation with the spectrum. At first the monk said he should not have stayed in this place, it was for a religious atmosphere, and after a chilling prophesy future. The monk said the Earth would explode by the foolishness of mankind. Africa, Asia and Europe will be immersed in the ocean and remain only the southern part of America. Also the monk made ​​a confession, said die having left a prisoner in a dungeon. But that was not the only time I talked to him, he could establish cominucación many times over.

He once said that an image of the Virgin was buried in a garden and I especifió and there it was found. He also told him that he had killed the revolutionaries and cut off his hands, and walled him. He asked to pray for him.

Over time, Madame V was thinning and showed pale, his sons began to realize that something was wrong and finally told them of the apparition did not believe him until Jean could see.

Tocquet, which maintained contact with Madame V, were told to photograph the ghost and try to touch you. The October 26, 1959, Jean photographed the ghost twice. At the end of November, Madame V was found with the spectrum again and tried to touch it. He put his hand on her waist with his eyes closed. At that moment he felt a blow to his waist and a choker cold while fading spectrum. Jean had seen everything. Madame V hands swelled and felt a lot of pain. Tocquet She could tell that this body was formed by a cold vapor and viscous, but had no skeleton …

The spectrum was never seen, but the story has become well known and discussed by parapsychologists.

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