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The Final Solution

A breif essay concerning Hitler’s Final Solution the The Jewish Problem. The perfect essay for anyone who wishes to gain a better understanding of the Final Solution.

            The Holocaust has become known as one of the most horrible acts of murder of all time. The Final Solution was the Nazi ideal to rid Germany of all Jews. The Final Solutions success was due to the precise efficiency and organization of the Nazi’s plan. Firstly, The Nuremberg laws gave way to extreme prejudice towards the Jews. Secondly, the deportation and ghettoization of the Jews positioned them in place for the next step of the Final Solution. Lastly, the Extermination camps systematically annihilated the European Jewry.

            In 1935 the Nuremberg laws introduced anti-Semitic laws into German legislature. The Definition of Jew was defined within these laws, as well the prohibition of intercourse between Jew and Non-Jew was now strictly enforced (28/10/12. Because of the anti-Semitism and the assassination of Ernst Von Rath, German civilians and SA Police ransacked Jewish stores, homes, schools and synagogues. This night became known as Kristallnacht because of the broken glass left on the streets from Jewish stores (Austin, ).

            When the hatred towards Jews grew greater, the need to remove them from society became a priority.  In December of 1938, Jews began to be forcibly removed from their homes and imprisoned inside of purposely miserable cities know as ghettos. The conditions inside of these ghettos were horrendous and thousands of people died within them (29/10/12.  After being detained in ghettos for months, the Jews happily boarded freight trains unaware of what is to come. These trains were precisely designed within close proximately of railways to ensure maximum efficiency of deportation (Goldhagen, 225).

            When these freight trains reached their destination, which was usually a death camp, it was not uncommon for the passengers to be already deceased as there was no food, water, or hygienic facilities onboard (Kershaw, 231). Upon arrival at the extermination camps, the passengers would be judged as either fit for work or to be killed. People who were chosen to be killed were tricked into entering gas chambers under promises of showers. Hydrogen cyanide was dropped through a hole in the roof and all occupants would die within 30 minutes (Bard, 111). The prisoners deemed fit for work had already dug the mass graves their fellow prisoners would soon be buried in. The Nazi’s quickly realized the inefficiency of burying all corpses so instead large crematoriums were used to burn bodies and increase killing efficiency. Without the precision of the extermination camps, the annihilation of 12,000,00 people including two thirds of the European Jewry would not have been plausible.

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