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The Golden Age of Rome

The reign of Augustus was widely viewed as the golden age of Rome. This emperor’s accomplishments were outstanding.

One thing he did was once he became emperor he set out to make the empire strong and safe. Also he made a professional army of 150,000 male citizens. Another thing he did was make the Praetorian Guard made of 9,000 men who had the job of guarding the emperor and later became influential in politics. The legions of Augustus gathered more new territory in Northern Europe for the Roman Empire. The lands they conquered were Spain, Gaul, and some lands that would be called today Austria, Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria.

Another thing he did was put a lot of energy or work in improving the Roman government. Over fifty million people lived in the empire which was ruled by a proconsul for each Roman province which helped rule the huge Roman population. The new officials had replaced politicians and Augustus himself came to check each province and how the governor in each province was doing.

Augustus improved the tax system by letting the tax collectors keep some of the money they had gathered from the people to make their job worth while. Though a lot of the tax collectors took to much money from what they had gathered.

But Augustus fixed the problem when the collectors had to be permanent government workers which made the system just. Augustus had improved the legal system too by creating a set of laws for people who weren’t citizens. Most people already gained citizenship and the laws applied too everyone. The system stressed the authority of the government of the rights of the individual. A famous Augustus quote is: “Quintili Vare, legiones redde” which meant give me back my legions or cursing his enemies by saying “You should have a wife and children like mine”.

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