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The History of Soda

Have you ever wondered how Coke was made? Find out here in this article about the history of soda and how it was invented.

The history of soda begins back when scientists had discovered that the bubbles in natural mineral water were caused by Carbon Dioxide.

The first soft drink that had appeared in the 17th century was made out of water and lemon juice which was sweetened by honey.

In 1767, an Englishmen named Joseph Priestly had created a man-made glass of carbonated water which was suitable to drink.

The Healthy News About Mineral Water


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It was considered that drinking mineral water was healthy. Near around 1807, medicinal and flavoured herbs were added to mineral waters by the American pharmacist.

Customers wanted to take the healthy drinks home and from here is where a bottling industry had begun.

During this time, over a thousand patents were filed for caps, forks and lids to be used on the carbonated drink bottles. The bubbled were escaping from the bottle and inventors had tried finding ways of preventing it. However, in 1892, a cork bottle seal was patented by a Baltimore machine shop operator. This had solved the problem of bubbles escaping.

In 1899, a glass-blowing machine was decided for producing automatic glass bottles. In the past, glass bottles were hand-blown and after a few years, a new bottle-blowing machine had existed. At this time, producing bottles was slow. But after another few years, the number of bottles being produced was multiplied in huge amounts going over tens of thousands of bottles a day!

During the early 1900’s, vending machines began to appear as well as a “Home-Pak”, similar to the cartons which are made out of cardboard.

Some History of Drinks


Doctor John Smith was the creator of Coca-cola in May, 1886 in Atlanta, Georgia. Frank Robinson had suggested the name of the soft drink. He was the one who had first written the logo into what you see today. It is the most famous logo present at this time.

At the soda fountain in Jacob’s pharmacy, Atlanta, the soft drink was sold for the very first time to the public.

Around nine servings were sold each day at the time and it cost Pemberton over $70. Sales had reached a total of $50 only for the first year round. This was a total loss. However, today, more than a billion products are bought around the world every day!

So this was my article about the history of soda and the Cola drink. I hope you enjoyed this as well as learned how soda and soft drinks came to this wonderful world called ‘Earth’.

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