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The Largest Frauds in History

It is assumed that the truth makes us free, but for many, cheating is the key to money, fame, revenge and power. Here are some of the most significant and serious frauds in history. Although this list may not be comprehensive, yet it covers various areas of life: politics, science and even art.

It is assumed that the truth makes us free, but for many, cheating is the key to money, fame, revenge and power. Here are some of the most significant and serious frauds in history. Although this list may not be comprehensive, yet it covers various areas of life: politics, science and even art.

Trojan Horse

If the war as in love, all good, then this lie can be forgiven. When the Trojan Paris ran off with Helen, the wife of the king of Sparta, war broke out. It raged for 10 long years, when the Trojans believe that finally defeated the Greeks. However, they knew little, because the Greeks had prepared them for another trick.

The Greeks built a huge wooden horse with a hollow belly, which hid the warriors. After the Greeks, convinced his enemies that it is a peace gift, the Trojans gladly accepted it and “led” the horse in his fortified city. At night, when the Trojans were asleep, the Greeks emerged from his hiding place and attacked and defeated.

This was undoubtedly one of the largest and most successful methods known to history, unless of course it’s true. Homer mentions a horse in the “Iliad,” Virgil said about him in the “Aeneid.” Evidence suggests that Troy actually existed, that gives some certainty tales of Homer, and scientists have long examined how historically accurate are some of the details of his stories. According to one version, the historian Michael Wood (Michael Wood), a Trojan horse just used as a battering ram to enter the city.

This lie is a classic scenario in order to please the critics. This man was an artist, but felt undervalued. He thought he could do the trick for what experts art recognized him as a genius.

In the early 20th century, scientists have argued about whether the series of works depicting biblical scenes, was written by the great artist Jan Vermeer Netherlands. Van Meegeren immediately took the opportunity and went to work, forging one of those controversial paintings titled “Disciples at Emmaus.” With the relentless attention to detail, he forged a crack and skillfully ages his creation. He deliberately played on the confirmation bias of critics, who wanted to believe that Vermeer painted these pictures. And it worked: experts praised the picture, when they were authentic, and van Meegeren, meanwhile, began selling more and more counterfeit works of art. However, greed, perhaps, surpassed his desire to praise, so he decided not to impersonate.

Nevertheless, van Meegeren, who worked in the 1930s and 40s made a grave mistake. He sold one of his paintings a prominent member of the Nazi party in Germany. After the war the Allies found him a conspirator, who are selling “national heritage” to the enemy. In this regard, he had to reveal his secret, in order to remain at liberty. In order to prove that the painting sold to a German, was not a national treasure, he has forged yet another masterpiece in the presence of the authorities.

He received a sentence is easy enough, for a period of one year, but two months after the trial, he died of a heart attack.

The scheme of Bernie Madoff

When Bernie Madoff (Bernie Madoff) admitted that his investment firm was “one big lie,” he’s a little slukavil. In 2008, he described how the possession of 50 billion dollars of investors who entrusted him with their savings. Madoff used a Ponzi scheme to keep afloat his company over 10 years.

This pattern of fraud is named after Charles Ponzi (Charles Ponzi), who used similar tricks in the early 20th century. The system worked as follows: schemer promised investors high returns, but instead of investing money, he leaves a part of their own, with the remainder used to repay the debt to other investors.

Madoff did not invent this lie, he modified it slightly. First, he managed to extract a record amount of money, following the scheme. He also managed to turn the circuit record amount of time. Typically, these scam quickly came to an end, because it always had to find more and more investors. Furthermore, this lies especially shocking, because Madoff was well respected and authoritative expert in the financial sector. Compare it to 

False Anastasia Anna Anderson

With the onslaught of the Russian Revolution, the existence of the royal family sickened policy of the Bolsheviks. In 1918 they destroyed the royal Romanov family – Tsar Nicholas II, his wife, son and four daughters, with a view to the future, none of the heirs has revived public rallies in support and in any way claim to power.

Soon, rumors surfaced that some members of the royal family escaped and survived. As expected, the appearance of “one of them” did not take long to wait. Anna Anderson (Anna Anderson) was the most famous of all the false Anastasia. In 1920, Anderson was hospitalized after a suicide attempt, coming to himself, she admitted that she was the Princess Anastasia, the youngest daughter of the royal family. She stood out among the likes fake princesses that was very similar to the real Anastasia, she knew many details about the family and life at court.

Despite the fact that a very small number of relatives and friends who knew Anastasia believed Anderson, the majority still considered her a liar. In 1927, former roommate said her name was Francis Shankovska (Franziska Schanzkowska), but no Anna, and, of course, not Anastasia. But that did not stop Anderson, she continued to pretend to be Anastasia, in an attempt to cash in on it. In the end it just got entangled in legal proceedings that spanned decades, however, has not retracted his words, until his death in 1984. Many years later, the autopsy that was the royal family’s remains, DNA analysis has confirmed that she had lied. In 2009, experts have finally confirmed that all the remains were found, and that no member of the royal family did not escape punishment in 1918.

Titus Oates plot (Titus Oates) to assassinate Charles II

By the time Titus Oates conspiracy conceived, he had already acquired a reputation tarnished by deceit and trickery part. He was expelled from several of the best schools in England, as well as teams from the Navy. Oates was even convicted for perjury, but escaped imprisonment. However, his biggest lie was yet to come.

Grown Anabaptist preacher, and being a Protestant, Oates came to Cambridge to study Anglican mandate. After the commission of the offense, he was expelled, but was rotated in Catholic circles, with no showing off the best of his education and his pretending. With the support of his fellow anti-Catholic Tonga Yisrael (Israel Tonge), he got on “enemy territory”, entered the Catholic seminary. In fact, he enrolled at the two seminaries, but he was kicked out of both. But is not that important. By this time he has collected enough inside information and names to strike.

In 1678, Oates himself came up and allegedly exposed himself and conspiracy, according to which the Jesuits had planned the murder of King Charles II. The idea was that they wanted to replace his brother Charles Catholic James. Thereafter, for about three years, the panic did not abate, wandered everywhere anti-Catholic sentiment, and were executed 35 people.

Once in 1685, Charles died, James became the ruler and gave Oates to court for libel. Oates was convicted, is tied to the pillory, and sentenced to imprisonment. He had time to spend in jail only a few years when in 1688 on a wave of revolution in England. James was dismissed, but Oates was pardoned, and even appointed him to retire.

Piltdown man

After Charles Darwin published his revolutionary work “On the Origin of Species” in 1859, scientists scrambled to find fossil evidence of extinct human ancestors. They sought to find a so-called “missing links” in order to fill existing gaps in the time in the timeline of human evolution. While the archaeologist Charles Dawson (Charles Dawson) believed he had found the missing link is the most in 1910, he actually came across one of the biggest hoaxes in history.

The discovery was Piltdown man. Then in the career of Piltdown (Piltdown) in Sussex (England) were found in the skull and jaw with molars. Dawson brought his discovery known paleontologist Arthur Smith Woodward (Arthur Smith Woodward), who spoke about the authenticity of the remains until his death. Although this discovery and has become known throughout the world, however, a lie which underpinned the whole, a little pop up. In subsequent decades, other major discoveries have proved that Piltdown man did not fit into the history of human evolution. In 1950, tests showed that the skull of a total of about 600 years, and the jaw, apparently, belonged to an orangutan.

Some knowledgeable people all skilfully furnished.

The scientific world has been deceived. But who was behind all of this fraud? There were many suspects, including himself and Dawson. Today, most experts are inclined to believe that it was Martin Hinton (Martin Hinton), an employee of the museum, who was present at the discovery of the remains.

The Dreyfus

Similarly, a conspiracy invented by Titus Oates, the scandal has been built on lies, which is significantly influenced by national politics, and hatred generated by this lie, living for a long period of time. Alfred Dreyfus (Alfred Dreyfus) was a Jewish French army officer in the late 19th century, when he was accused of treason: selling military secrets to Germany.

After the publicity of his case, the government sentenced him to life imprisonment on the island of Devils, and anti-Semitic groups have used his personality as an example of anti-state attitude of the Jews. Nevertheless, still suspect that incriminating letters were actually fake, but the real culprit is a Major Esterhazy (Maj. Esterhazy). When the French authorities decided to hush up the matter, the writer Emile Zola accused the army in covering criminal.

The result was a scandal among the supporters of Dreyfus, who want to reopen the case, and his opponents. Moreover, both sides said little about the guilt or innocence of Dreyfus, it was more about principles. During the 12-year conflict, many anti-Semitic group disbanded, and the political priorities have changed.

After Maj. Hubert Joseph Henry (Hubert Joseph Henry) was admitted to a key case file and committed suicide, the newly elected cabinet, finally re-opened the case. The court found Dreyfus guilty again, but later he received a pardon from the president. A few years later, the civil appellate court found Dreyfus guilty, he continued his career in the army and fought with honor in World War II. Meanwhile, the scandal has changed the face of French politics.

Clinton and Lewinsky case

In January 1998, journalist Matt Drudge (Matt Drudge) reported the sensational news, which proved to be true. In the U.S. President, Bill Clinton had an affair with intern Monica Lewinsky. So far, all based only on suspicion, Clinton publicly denied the allegations, and he lied under oath and perjured, that was the basis for impeachment.

And the truth came to light as follows. Paul Jones (Paula Jones) was an ordinary member of the firm in Arkansas, when then-Governor Bill Clinton allegedly molested her. She later sued him in court for sexual harassment. In an attempt to prove the guilt of lawyers Clinton, they reached the former White House secretary and confidant of Lewinsky Linda Tripp (Linda Tripp). Tripp has been recorded telephone conversations with Monica, where she spoke about her affair with Clinton. The lawyers then pursued Clinton, asking many questions, and eventually forced him to tell the truth under oath, that he naturally did not.

During the publicity of the case, the court was summoned to the prosecutor Kenneth Starr (Kenneth Starr), and Clinton finally confessed to everything. Based on the report of Starr, the House of Representatives voted to impeach Clinton, not only because of the perjury, but also because of obstruction of justice. Despite the scandal, Clinton’s ratings among the American public is quite high at present. Later, the Senate acquitted him of charges. However, in the eyes of many Americans, his reputation remains tarnished.

Watergate scandal

In the two decades before the scandal, Clinton – Lewinsky, another American president fell into a web of lies, and this story had on the country devastating.

In the summer, shortly before the successful re-election of President Richard Nixon’s second term, were caught five people who broke the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee, who was in the hotel “Watergate.” When next year came to light details of the case, it became clear that officials close to Nixon, ordered the establishment of listening equipment there. Then the question arose about whether Nixon knew about the case, whether covered or their own planned this thing.

In response to the suspicions, showed in his address, Nixon claimed that he knew nothing, and that he did not cheat. However, this lie has returned. When it became clear that private conversations the White House, too, is written, the investigation committee released the tape. The refusal of Nixon on the basis of “executive privilege” to publicize the contents of conversation brought the case before the U.S. Supreme Court, which decided to disclose the content of conversations.

As a result, it was discovered that Nixon knew more about business than he spoke. After initiation of impeachment, Nixon resigned. This scandal has left an indelible mark on American politics and helped to the presidency a few years later, to put it mildly, not very successful man Jimmy Carter.

Big Lie: Nazi propaganda

By that time, as in the 1930s in Germany originated Nazism, anti-Semitism is nothing new. Even then, the Jews suffered from the long history of persecution and violation of their rights. And even though the Nazis perpetuated his theory, this time lie had a devastating impact. As ever, anti-Semitism began to emerge in the broad national policy, which called to remove the Jews from the face of the earth.

To achieve this goal, Adolf Hitler and his propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels (Joseph Goebbels) launched a massive campaign to convince the German people that the Jews – it’s enemies. Having complete control over the press, they blamed the Jews for all Germany’s problems, including a defeat in the First World War. They also claimed that in the Middle Ages Jews were engaged in ritual murder of Christian children and used their blood for the preparation of bread which is eaten at Easter.

Exposing the Jewish nation as a scapegoat, Hitler and his cronies organized a “big lie”. This theory says that regardless of the scale lies, people will believe it if it is repeated many times. Hitler said that all people are talking small lie, but the colossal few dare. Due to the fact that the big lie seems so unreal, people probably will believe it. So reasoned Hitler.

This theory helps us understand why, throughout history, there were so many lies.

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    Where does Barach Hussein Obama aka Barry Hussein Soetoro-Sutoro (of Kenyan birth, Ref “Journeys in Black and White, 1991 by Barach Obama) fit in “The biggest frauds in history?

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