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The Missing 18 minute of The Watergate Scandal (in short)

It was the United States and two journalist were getting some baffling information from a government leek who became known as "Deep Throat" this vital information would be classified as the Watergate scandal.

The Missing 18½ minute of The Watergate Scandal  (in short)

What was the Watergate Scandal?

The Watergate scandal clearly showed how corruption had reached the highest level in America’s government, namely the president.

The Watergate scandal was made public in the 1970s, which in itself should make people think… they chose to make it public…

At the time of the Watergate scandal, it was Richard Nixon that was president, who is a Republican, and if I am not mistaken, then he was a friend of the Bush family.

Cut very short: the republicans had placed wiretaps in the Democratic Party’s headquarters, which became the Essen of The Watergate scandal.

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The Watergate Burglary

A burglary was committed and five men where caught inside the Democratic National Committee headquarters, they accidently implicated themselves to other accounts. This was able to help investigators, offering more clues.

It is impossible for me to explain the Watergate Scandal in a short book, especially considering that there are written so many good books about the Watergate scandal, so I do not really need to.

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Following the Money

One way to figure out who was behind the Watergate scandal was to follow the money trail, which is a normal investigation procedure.

In 1972 it became public that one of the Watergate burglars was a security aide for the Republican Party.

Step by step the trail led straight to the president’s office, and was a direct cause to why he resigned. Several of his officials went to trail and were convicted.

The Watergate scandal is a web of inter connections and much more. Phones being tapped, and people being threatened. Documents being destroyed and money being paid.

But I do find it rather interesting that when ever something scandal like this happens in the white house, there always seems to be talks about Cuba…

The Missing 18½ Minutes

It will never be known what was on this part of the missing 18 minutes. It might have been nothing, but it might also have been something important.

18½ minute gap tape
According to President Nixon’s secretary, Rose Mary Woods, on Sept. 29, 1973, she was reviewing tapes of the June 20, 1972 oval office recordings, tape 342, that had been recorded just 3 days after 5 men with ties to President Nixon’s re-election campaign had been arrested while trying to bug the phones in the offices of the Democratic Party’s National Committee at the Watergate hotel in Washington DC. Ms. Woods said Nixon came in and was “pushing the buttons back and forth.” The recording was of a conversation between President Nixon and Chief of Staff H.R. “Bob” Haldeman. Haldeman’s notes from the meeting show that the topic was the aforementioned arrests at the Watergate Hotel.
White House lawyers said they first heard the now infamous 18½-minute gap on the evening of Nov. 14, 1973. Judge Sirica, who had issued the subpoenas for the tapes, was not told until Nov. 21, after the President’s attorneys had decided that there was “no innocent explanation” they could offer.
The 18½-minute gap can be heard here

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Note: This was very short, like an overview, a very short one at that too :)

Read about it, there are some great books on the market about this case.


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