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The Most Popular Girl Name in The United Kingdom

All the most popular names for girls in The United kingdom in use today.

The most popular girl name in The United Kingdom is the name Olivia. This name’s popularity steadily rose from the beginning of the 1990’s and has been the top name every year since early 2001. This name was first used by the famous Shakespeare in the year 1599 for the rich heiress who was wooed by the Duke in Twelfth Night. It is suspected that Shakespeare might have taken it as a feminine form of Oliver or derived it from the Latin word for “Olive”. The Australian actress and pop singer, Olivia Elton John, made it a very popular name in the 1970’s.

The second most popular name at the moment is the name Ruby. This name is derived from a popular gemstone, red in color. This name became popular in the late 19th and mid 20th century and has seen a recent revival in English-speaking regions.

The third place is taken up by three names; Chloe, Emily and Grace are almost equally popular since the late 20th century. Chloe, derived from the Greek name Khloe and in the classical period originally used as an epithet of the Greek Fertility Goddess Demester. It may also be derived from the name Chloris which was fleetingly mentioned in the New Testament. Emily, meaning rival, was derived from a Medieval Latin name Aemilia. This name was not popular in the Middle Ages but went through a revival period in the 19th century and is today a very common name. The best known association for this particular name would be the 19th century poet and writer, Emily Bronte. The name Grace, meaning effortless beauty, occurred occasionally during the 15th century and became quite prominent in 1540. Grace Darling, the daughter of a lighthouse keeper who saved sailors during a terrible storm in 1938, made this name’s popularity raise. The famous actress and later wife of the Prince of Monaco, Grace Kelly, who became known as Princess Grace, also made this name a popular one. Grace is particularly popular in Scotland and Northern England.

Jessica, thought to have been created by Shakespeare to pass off as being typically Jewish, in his plot of The Merchant of Venice in which Jessica is the daughter of Shylock, is the next most popular name in The United Kingdom. The name’s recent popularity is thought to be due to famous bearers of it like the actresses Jessica Alba, Jessica Simpson and Jessica Lang.

The next popular name is Sophie, from Greek origin and a French form of Sophia borne by the famous pop singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor. This name means “wisdom”. Names closely relating to it are the names Sophia and Sofia.

Lily, Mia and Lucy are fast becoming very popular and a steady rise in the use of it has been noticed since 2006. Lily, being derived from the French word for this flower, means white flower and purity. This is regarded as a symbol of purity in many cultures. Mia, meaning star of the sea, is from Danish origin and a Danish and Swedish pet form of the name Maria. The actress Mia Farrow brought this name to the fore in the late 1990’s when her own popularity rose. Lucy, sometimes assumed as a pet form for Lucinda, was widely used in the Middle Ages and increased greatly in popularity in the 1990’s.

The next name that saw a rise in popularity is the name Amelia, a mash up of the names Amalia (Germanic) and Emilia (Latin). It is uncertain if it has its roots from the Henry Fielding Novel Amelia written in 1751.

Names less popular but still in wide use are names like Charlotte, Evie, Hannah (biblical), Ellie, Katie ( pet form of Katherine), Megan (made popular by the actress Meg Ryan), Amy, Holly, Emma, Abigail and Isabella to name just a few. To choose a name is made very easy nowadays with all the numerous data one can find online.

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