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The Old Trunk, a Sketch of Colonial Days

A review of The Old Trunk by Powhattan Bouldin.

The Old Trunk by Powhattan Bouldin is a sketch of colonial days of those that interacted with Bouldin’s ancestors at a time when the family resided in Lunenburg County, Virginia. Bouldin is inspired to write this concise history of his family when he is given an old trunk by his aunt, who is in her nineties at the time. When he opens up the trunk, there are many historical documents to sift through. Bouldin does an excellent job in describing them in detail, including how meticulous some of the writing appears to be. And there are a lot of different papers in the trunk that are examined: accounting books, letters, military orders, and land grants to name a few.

Unless you are a history buff, a native of Lunenburg County, VA or someone with an ancestor listed in the book, you may not find this 1888 text of any real interest. My initial interest in the book is that Powhattan Bouldin Jr., the author of the text, is my great-great grandmother’s fifth cousin. So, he’s my cousin a few times removed. I find that it is a fascinating look at his own family as well as something that can be useful in my continuing genealogical adventures. And at only 53 pages, it is a simple read for anyone looking to gain a little knowledge about colonial times.

This book is in the public domain and can be accessed through

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